El Pollo Loco! and coupons for FREE Food!!!

El Pollo Loco! and coupons for FREE Food!!!

I’m not one for “fast food”, but I have to fully admit that El Pollo Loco is so much better than your regular fast food.
Recently I had an opportunity to attend a Bloggers Meetup and we were able to learn all about El Pollo Loco. First, it’s real meat. I know what you’re thinking, “Isn’t everywhere real meat?” I’ll let you go watch Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution and then do some research yourself. I love that the chicken is juicy and tender and that there are plenty of options for the whole family.

I started out with a simple salad, and it was delicious. I usually prefer more greens like, spinach, etc, but the dressing on this salad is wonderful. You’ll love it. Plus, it comes in a big cup which is easier to eat in  and you get more.

I chose to get the Califresco. It was super good. I loved that it had zucchini in it. So unexpected!

It was huge, and I could only eat half of it, but that just means leftovers for tomorrow. 🙂
And here’s my favorite part about El Pollo Loco, They give back. A lot. They recently gave a large check to the Road Home in SLC. Fundraisers get 20% of the entire day’s proceeds. THE ENTIRE DAY. That’s kinda a big deal. They are looking to be a part of the community and give back. Their stores even have tv’s so that High school kids have a safe place to hang out and they do family activities. For example, tuesdays the kids eat free and coming up in February they will have cookie decorating for the kiddos. Love that!

Want to try them out yourself? Print off these coupons and enjoy!!


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One comment on “El Pollo Loco! and coupons for FREE Food!!!”

  1. A pity we don't have one nearby, I could totally go for their food and philosophy…as for real meat? A well-known national 'Mexican' food chain uses silica (aka sand) as a meat extender…