Election Day Voting

We are taking a break from food today as we hope that you all have taken the time to cast your vote. I’ll be honest, Cade and I have been just sick about this election up until a few weeks ago when we finally felt complete peace. We’ve studied everyone out. We’ve prayerfully considered the candidates and chose to go with the one that aligned with our principles. Like my mom always said, Stand, alone if you must, but stand. So while we obviously wont be alone in our vote, we are choosing to vote from a place of peace and not fear and hope others will do the same, vote because they believe in someone and not merely to avoid someone else.

Oh, and since we are already voting, how about we end the real debate? Which is the better pet, a dog or a cat? How’s that for an election?!


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21 comments on “Election Day Voting”

  1. Dogs we have 3. 2 sister doxies and a adopted Boston Terrier. Have always been a dog person but years ago our daughter brought home a cat that was dumped out in the parking lot of the store she worked at another adoption Yes he can stay and stay he did for 12 years. Turned out to be a Maine Coon he was a cat and a half stretched all the way across our queen size bed but a big baby. Got along with all the dogs at the time 5 of them but there was 1 that just annoyed the hackles out of him. Really weird. Many pets stayed here their whole lives until old age and Pet Heaven called them home. We do have an area of pet cemetery on our property. Where even relatives that live in subdivisions and apartments have brought their pets to rest. It pays to have 3+ acres. Nothing big just a few. But beloved.

  2. Love labs!!!!

  3. I love dogs but have you ever seen kittens? Precious angels. Oh gosh, now I’m thinking about puppies as well. Puppies are so pure and good. But kittens!

  4. I was always a cat person until we got our lab but she died a couple of years ago and it has been stressful on us and our two very devoted cats that were rescued. They loved her so much too. So we are just cat people now.

  5. Dogs, dogs and more dogs!

  6. Dogs! Paws down! Cats have a mind of their own!!

  7. Dogs! They are always so happy to see you, regardless of how long you have been gone. Never hold a grudge, or get angry at you. And, I agree w/Dana. If we loved each other as much as dogs love us unconditionally, the world would be a better place!

  8. Dogs for sure!!!!!??

  9. Love dogs, but my cat is waiting at the door every day when I get home. Pets have always been an important part of our family, and they make the world a much better place.

  10. Oh nooooo….another difficult choice….:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 I had one of each as well as a bird and fish.

  11. Dogs for Sure!!! I have three furbabies myself and life wouldn’t be complete without them. Lucy, Link and Lola are the best dogs in the whole world. I don’t love them as much as my kids (Levi and Leah) but I love them enough to stay with the L names and they are a close second in my book! lol If we loved each one another as much as dogs show us unconditional love the world would be a MUCH better place. DOGS FOR PRESIDENT!!!