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Family Picnic and Floating Lanterns and new winners

Family Picnic and Floating Lanterns and new winners

New Aquarium Winners… please contact me at ohsweetbasil(at)gmail(dot)com
Sarah, who said “I’d love to take my kids to the aquarium. I would need 4 tickets if I am selected. Thanks :)”
 Jennica and Preston who said, “What a fun giveaway! I would need 4 tickets!”
Cassie, who said, “You already know I would LOVE to go! We would need three tickets, since lanie is free.”
 Darla who said, “Our family would enjoy the aquarium. I would need six tickets.”

Don’t you love those last days of summer? I certainly do. This summer I decided to end it with a bang. Who knew I’d be stuck throwing up my guts at home while it all went down, but at least it was a huge success.

I believe that family is the center of the heart. With family you can do, believe, become, and hope for anything. A happy, healthy family also contributes to more fulfilling lives, greater confidence, success etc. I seriously could go on and on. It’s important to value family and mine is starting a new tradition in order to build stronger relationships.

This summer we gathered a group of around 20 families and we hosted an end of the summer picnic at a local splash pad. Again, I ended up at home with the worst stomach flu that I’ve ever had and it lasted 5 whole days, but my hubby was kind enough to give me a full report.
The kids looooooved being able to splash in the water, run through the park and play on the playgrounds. The adults got to stand around and talk, tell stories and just relax.

Everyone brought picnic dinners for their family and a favorite family treat to share with everyone. Don’t you worry, I’ll be posting recipes throughout the next few weeks.
We used Hammond’s Candies for the Lemonade, which is a perfectly balanced sweet and tangy lemonade, and they have these awesome little iced tea sippers. You just put it in, stir and they dissolve with yummy flavors. They were wonderful and the kids went gaga for them!

Aren’t these two just darling? I HIGHLY suggest that you guys go check out their site. Oh my goodness! They have so many awesome candies and it’s perfect for birthday parties etc, because they are different and better than store candy.

Awwww, now for the big finale! I WISH that I had been there. I know you all will make so much fun, but I totally cried a little when I was hearing about how amazing everything was.
I want to give you allllll of the details still.
I was able to get these amazing floating lanterns from Free Sky Lanterns (stay tuned to hear how you can get yours at a discount!! WOOHOO!!)
Harry, from Free Sky Lanterns is awesome. Here’s the deal… I am a HUGE customer service person. Your product, and price can be fantastic, but if you don’t have the customer service I’m not interested. I think if  you want me to buy, treat me like I’m worth something. Harry does just that, and the product is perfect. There are tons of different colors or you can stick with the classic white. I adore any and everything white, but the colors do actually look amazing. Seriously. The price is so good too! If you know me you know I’m all about an amazing find.

People, especially the children went crazy for the lanterns. Not just a little crazy, like people that weren’t even with us, but just happened to be at the park were running over, taking pictures and asking how they can create their own party for their little ones.

I know that reading all of this can get a little boring, so let me end by saying this… YOUR CHILDREN, FRIENDS AND FAMILY WILL THINK YOU ARE AMAZING IF YOU DO A LANTERN LIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys, I’ve seen pictures and video. It’s incredible. The kids felt like they were really in the movie, Tangled.

Guess what, I’m already planning to do it again. Wouldn’t it be awesome for New Years, birthday parties etc? AMAZING!

The point is, get out there and do something with the family. Teach your children about old family recipes or create new ones together.Please go do things together.

“Children will not remember you for the material things you provided, but for the feeling that you cherished them.” Richard L. Evans

Want to buy your own Lanterns? Harry is offering Sweet Basil readers 15% off by using the code SweetBasil (all one word). Go. Buy. Them! Thanks Harry!!!!!!

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