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Our Favorite Christmas Books

We love to read together as a family, but especially in the days before Christmas. It slows things down and these are our Favorite Christmas Books!

The best Christmas Books for kids in this awesome Christmas tradition for families

When I was growing up we had the best Christmas traditions. We would spend all month finding ways to serve as a family, ditching goodies or groceries on doorsteps or sliding envelopes of cash into doors. My parents really emphasized that it was the season for giving, not receiving. They gave to us as well with fun traditions that made us come together as a family and enjoy time together versus just stuff which is quickly forgotten.

Our favorite christmas books for families

Every Christmas Eve my mom read us a few favorite Christmas stories, always ending with the bible story of the birth of the Savior. I wanted a similar tradition with my own family, but we’ve changed things up a bit because I noticed almost immediately after having children that we had a problem.

All season long we rushed here and there and the reason for the season was quickly lost in the shuffle. I vowed to get shopping done before December, give more than receive like my parents had taught me and to slow down and be present.

christmas books for kids and easy christmas traditions for families

Thus began our Favorite Christmas Books tradition. Each year we buy a new book or two and wrap them, along with the books from previous years. The kids pick out one book a night which we snuggle up under the glow of the Christmas tree and read together. It is quiet and wonderful.

Our favorite christmas books for families

The Night Before Christmas

A time old classic, The Night Before Christmas absolutely has to be included for it’s magic in the reality of Santa, even for adults.

The Wild Christmas Reindeer

With beautiful illustrations and a fun, but important story about Teeka’s humorous attempts to control the rambunctious reindeer in time for their Christmas run, your children are sure to enjoy this Christmas story.

Christmas Day in the Morning

Get ready to cry your eyes out in the best way possible while you listen to the inspired story about a boy who decides to give his Father the ultimate Christmas gift, one that he can’t hold, but will never let go of.

Snowmen at Christmas

Oh how we love this book! Have you ever wondered what snowmen do at night? This author has and not only is the story adorable and fun for the family but the illustrations have hidden pictures for your kids to find!

The Tale of the Three Trees

I am an easy crier but there’s just something so tender and true about the Tale of the Three Trees. Three trees all aspire to be something one day, but they never imagined they’d be chopped down and turned into mundane objects that end up the most precious in all the world because of the person who uses them.

The Story of the Nutcracker

Clara is the beautiful little girl who goes on a wild and beautiful adventure with an unexpected hero. This classic ballet is quickly being forgotten, but not by our family. Every child should hear the story of the nutcracker.

Bear Stay up for Christmas

When bear decides not to hibernate so he can enjoy Christmas all the animals decide to help. Is he able to stay awake? Read to find out!

The Crippled Lamb

Oh how we love this tender story about a little lamb who isn’t like the other lambs, he has a crippled leg. The shepherd has no choice but to leave him behind as they make their journey, but maybe there is something better in store for him. A great book to talk about differences and how we each have a purpose for being here.

Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Clause

This is the true story of a little girl named, Virginia who wrote a letter to the paper asking if Santa Clause is real and the response is just beautiful!

The Biggest Most Beautiful Christmas Tree

One of my favorite Christmas books as a little girl was, The Biggest Most Beautiful Christmas Tree. It’s about a whole bunch of forest animals who try to make the best Christmas tree in order to let Santa know they live there so he will visit. It’s adorable and perfect for little kids.

The Miracle of Jonathan Toomey

Jonathan, the best woodcarver in the valley, keeps to himself and never smiles or laughs. Then one day he has visitors, and the quiet request of one of them, a small boy, changes everything.

Room for a Little One

Big Ox makes room for animal after animal in his warm stable, but the most important one that joins the group isn’t an animal at all.

Celebrating a Christ-Centered Christmas

We LOVE this book that not only takes you through the nativity but also provides free downloads for ornaments and especially questions along with the story to really inspire the family discussion and allow teaching moments.

The Biggest, Best Snowman

Little Nell lives with a bunch of BIG girls who are always telling her she’s too little to do anything. Until she proves that even the smallest person can do big, important things.

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

Follow the outrageous shenanigans of the Herdman kids, or “the worst kids in the history of the world.” The siblings take over the annual Christmas pageant in a hilarious yet heartwarming story involving the Three Wise Men, a ham, scared shepherds, and six rowdy kids. This book is longer so you’ll want to read it over a week’s time.

The Year of the Perfect Christmas Tree

Every year a town person gets to pick out the Christmas tree for the town. This year a father and daughter pick it out but then he is sent off to war and the little family struggles to have the things they need. This story is one that we read and then we place the angel on top of our tree. We talk about the significance of all angels, including what this one means to us from the story.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

A Dr Seuss classic, you can’t have Christmas without it!

The Polar Express

This is one of those books that my mom read on Christmas Eve and I now read with our children. We love the magic and quiet, peaceful story that inspires hearts to always Believe. It’s perfect with a cup of hot cocoa too!

Now let’s hear from all of you, what book should we get next?

We love to read together as a family, but especially in the days before Christmas. It slows things down and these are our Favorite Christmas Books!

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  • Some we love are The Little Big Book of Christmas, The Christmas Star, of course The Polar Express, Santa Calls by William Joyce, How Santa Got His Job, Shhhh by Julie Sikes, B is for Bethlehem, The Legend of the Poinsettia, Jan Brett’s Christmas Treasury is my FAAAAAAAAAAAVORITE I love her illustrations. She’s amazing! The Crippled Lamb.. I love it but man I can’t make it through without a sob fest! The Night Before Christmas by Clement Moore has THE most beautiful illustrations too

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    • Oh I can’t wait to track these all down, thank you!

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  • Shoemaker Martin is our families favorite book. Written by Leo Tolstoy and illustrated by Bernadette Watts.

    Martin is a shoemaker and reads his bible each night. He wants to meet Jesus. He meets three strangers in need and He helps them each time. Later he realizes that it is Jesus that has come to him each time.

    I love to use this book to illustrate to my Sunday school class about the importance of service. It is a great way to start your “Light the World” 25 days.

    Mismatched Nativity is another favorite.

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  • We love the tradition of wrapping the Christmas books and reading one a day through December! Many of the books on your list are favorites, but several I’ve never heard of. I’ll have to check them out to add to our collection!

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    • Yay, thanks Heather!

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