K, this post is so different from the norm, but it is kind of awesome so when McCormick emailed me about it I had to jump on board and tell you all about it. Years ago Cade and I were trying to think up something for dinner so we hopped online to search for recipes. This was before pinterest days so we were really just googling things in our pantry. It was such a waste of time and we laughed about how we needed a site that knew what we liked and could recommend stuff to us instead of wasting time searching. And now it exists!! It’s called, Flavor Print and thanks to One2One Network I’ve been having so much fun learning about it. And I wanted to post about it because I think you all should make a profile and try your own flavor print by Mccormick!

Flavor Profile

First, I think McCormick somehow read our minds and stole our idea so they should probably send us one million dollars (ha! Just kidding) and second I cannot believe how fun it has been to use! It’s like Stitch Fix, but with food. And let’s be honest, I’d choose food over clothes any ol’ day. Well, except they don’t mail you the recipes, they just pull them up for you to make.  But seriously, you just answer a series of questions and it pulls up your recommendations. You can try the recipes and rate them and you can always go back and answer a few more questions so slowly, but surely the system gets to know you better and they can recommend better dishes.

flavor print-ohsweetbasil.com-3

It’s cool too because the recipes are all based on the different flavors you like and what gadgets you have in the kitchen. So we were recommended to make this Black Bean Avocado Salsa which was scrumdidlyumptious. We were out of oranges, but the girls quickly reminded me that there were mandarin oranges that we could use. The best part was the seasoning, Perfect Pinch Roasted Garlic and Bell Pepper Seasoning. I didn’t even know it existed but it’s delicious!

flavor print-ohsweetbasil.com

The next day I wanted to try again and maybe because it was morning or just luck, but after updating my profile based on last night’s recipe a recipe (there are always quite a few to choose from, but this one caught my eye since it’s so like our brown sugar apple dip) popped up for this cinnamon cream cheese dip. The girls helped me make this one and they ate it with graham crackers in a fort. No, really. That’s pretty much a recipe for the best time ever for kids.

flavor print-ohsweetbasil.com-2

I’ve tried quite a few things and I love that it totally helps me to just click through and find a few ideas instead of wondering what to make for dinner until it’s too late to start anything. But I also adore that it’s got so much variety. There’s breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and desserts that have all popped up for me and I have this huge list of recipes to try now. It’s all stuff you can totally make and you don’t need a chef or crazy ingredients to pull off. The last one we tried was this Easy Pesto Pasta. How ironic that the third recipe it pulled happened to have basil. It was gone in seriously like 10 minutes. We all just sat around chatting and eating. What’s better than that?

It really has been so  fun and we totally plan on continuing to use it. Sometimes I just don’t want to think, but instead I want someone else to tell me what to make and I’ll do it. Boom!