Fluffernutter Cookies



I had such a craving for cookies the other weekend so I searched the web for something, anything that was chocolate free and dairy free. I found these Fluffernutter Cookies over at Two Peas And Their Pod. They were delicious. I was totally unsure about the whole marshmallow cream thing, but they were way good!


What Is Fluffernutter?

Fluffernutter is a sandwich made with peanut butter and marshmallow cream.

It is ususally served on white bread.


Is Marshmallow Cream Dairy Free?

Marshmallow cream does not contain milk or milk products, but it does contain eggs.


Do Peanut Butter Cookies Need To Be Refrigerated?

Peanut butter cookies do not need to be refrigerated after baking.

Store cookies in an airtight container at room temperature.


Fluffernutter Cookies


Click HERE for the recipe

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3 comments on “Fluffernutter Cookies”

  1. I need these cookies in my life.

  2. weird me too, I made some browned butter choco chip cookies…just 2 though so I would go overboard!