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How to get rid of the mom pooch

How to get rid of the "mom pouch"

How many of you have a hard time getting rid of that “mom pouch” after having babies? It can often feel like Mission Impossible to get rid of, right? I remember feeling like it doesn’t matter how many ab workouts or how much cardio you try to do, it is still lingering there. Today I want to share one main tip that will help you on how to get rid of the mom pooch.

We’ve all heard the saying you are what you eat; now think about all the stuff thrown into the processed foods that make them last longer on the shelf,  and how we put them into our own bodies, what do you think is going to happen? Thats right, they are going to stay inside our bodies for a long time too. What we should be fueling our bodies with is whole fresh foods, helping to decrease our body fat, especially our stomachs. So, if it has a long shelf life, chances are it’s going to stick to you for a long time.

I personally do not believe in ‘diets”. I don’t think any diet truly works (at least not for long) or teaches us the proper way to fuel our bodies. I use to think clean eating was so confusing and I just did not get it. Once I started doing it one step at a time it became more of a lifestyle for me rather than something I had to do. There are so many different fresh foods in our grocery stores or local farmers markets that we don’t take advantage of. We all have busy lives and so we go for fast and easy. I have found that eating clean can be fast and just as easy if not easier. Start with pre cutting veggies and fruits and storing them in containers or baggies. That way they are ready for you to grab and go.

10 Rules To Lose The Pooch

1. Eat 5-6 small meals through out the day.

2. Start eliminating processed/packaged foods (like hamburger helper, cheezits, etc)

3. Buy more fresh produce.

4. Don’t eat any carbs 3 hours before you go to bed (go for protein!)

5. Drink plenty of water

6. Eat within one hour of waking up in the morning, this helps gets your metabolism going for the day.

7. Make homemade meals instead of going out to eat.

8. Make it fun to eat healthy! I know that can sound cliche or even obnoxious at times, but there are so many resources available to find GOOD tasting healthy meals and snacks! It can be as simple as an internet search for “healthy snacks!” Monotony is boring; repetition is boring; SHAKE IT UP!

9. Pay attention to your body regarding what you eat. Which foods make you feel “gross-full” or bloated, and which ones help you look and feel great?

10. Read the ingredients on the back of the packages, if you can’t pronounce a word than most likely it is not good to eat.

Take baby steps, do one thing at a time because if you jump into it all at once you may become over whelmed and you will most likely want to quit. It takes time to create a habit and within time you will make clean eating a life style rather than a chore. Be patient with yourself and have fun, enjoy it and make it a life style.

Crystal Smith

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