Give Us Baby Products Advice!!

What baby products are a must buy?

You guys, when we have this baby it will have been 5 1/2 years since our last baby. And on top of that, over a year ago we sold or gave away absolutely all of our baby stuff because we didn’t think we were going to be able to have another. Now I can’t help but think of how totally overwhelming this is going to be starting all over again. I know nothing!! What are your favorite baby products and brands?!! I’ll give you a list to get your minds thinking but if you have favorites that aren’t on the list please let us know what we totally have to have and what you love!


Baby Carriers or Wraps

Nursing Everything


Diaper Bags


Activity Items (swings, seats, bouncers)

High Chairs

Infant Care

Diaper Containers

Feeding Favorites

And anything else you can think of, brands included!!!



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34 comments on “Give Us Baby Products Advice!!”

  1. Thanks for your some advices. I’m using double jogging stroller

  2. I just had a baby girl 2 1/2 months ago, almost exactly 9 years after having my son, so I totally had to start over too!

    Carseat I would totally recommend the Ingenuity InTrust 35 Pro – it’s very sturdy and safe and has great reviews. For an activity mat I can’t say enough about the Tiny Love Gymini Developlace – I love it because it’s versatile enough to be used for a year or more so you can get a lot of good use out of it as baby grows. The baby carrier I love is my Infantino Unison Newborn Carrier – it’s much easier to put on and use than any of the wraps I tried (like Boba or Baby K’tan) and it makes baby very comfortable and secure. For swaddling, I’ve tried nearly all of them, and I love Halo’s Sleepsack Swaddle and Summer Infant’s Swaddleme. (I’d also definitely recommend Zipadee-Zips, but those aren’t recommended for use until baby is old enough to transition out of the swaddle – maybe check them out in the future!)

    Another great item is the Fisher Price Moonlight Meadow Deluxe Cradle ‘n Swing. My daughter takes all of her naps in it, it’s very soft and cozy, and I love the fact that it can be plugged in instead of using tons of batteries. I would also have to vouch for The Honest Co. diapers – they’re very absorbent, totally natural and chemical free, very convenient and well-priced, and they come in adorable prints! They also have other products such as diaper rash cream, lotion, baby powder, etc that are great too.

    Good luck and congrats!

  3. I have a 7 month old and a 2 and 4 year old, so I’m in the middle of this. I really really love my Covered Goods nursing cover. They provide all around coverage and are multipurpose. I also recommend the Ergo 360 and Solly wrap. I use Aden and Anais swaddle blankets for everything (and as someone else mentioned the Burpy Bibs are awesome), but for actual nighttime and naptime swaddling I love Summer Infant SwaddleMe. And for transitioning out of the wrap look into the Zippidee Zip. My baby was already used to sleeping unswaddled when we started using it but that is what is really for. I like it because it keeps his hands covered, so they weren’t freezing cold in the morning and he can’t scratch his itchy skin til he bleeds. (He has eczema.)

  4. My little ones are almost 2 & 4 and one item I found most useful was a Boba 4G Carrier. This carrier was awesome because once the kiddo was big enough I could put him/her on my back and carry on with my daily chores. But in the beginning they are right next to my heart. I had another carrier, baby bjorn, however it hurt my back once the kiddos got too big. And I had a Hava sling however getting the baby positioned was too difficult (I had a preemie so it was even more challenging). Regarding nursing, I recommend Bamboobies nursing pads and a breastfeeding tank top. We didn’t use a nursing cover because the kids fought it too much and it was too distracting. I made all my baby food and froze any leftovers in ice cube trays. With my second kiddo I followed baby-led feeding and now she is such an adventurous eater! I hope this helps and good luck~!

    • I’ve never heard of those nursing pads! Googling asap!

      • I forgot to mention in my original posting, another must have is a Chicco Caddy Hook on Chair for restaurant dinning. It is a bring your own highchair that lets the kiddos sit at the table with you. It is awesome! And we like a Fisher Price Space Saver Highchair for home use. We are strong believers of everyone eating at the table together. Congratulations again!!

      • No way! I didn’t even know that existed! Thank you!

  5. My daughter has sensitive skin and I tried LOTS of different products. I can’t say enough good things about the Honest Co., and as a bonus the diapers come in adorable patterns!

  6. I went through something very similar. After having my daughter it was seven more years before I was able to get pregnant again! At around year four or five I started getting rid of the baby items and had to start over completely. 🙂
    For my fussy babies that liked to be held (all of them) I used a MOBY wrap (lifesaver) and an Infantino carrier. None of my kids have liked swings, so items like that are great things to by used or borrow in case your baby isn’t a fan (Craiglist is a good place to check for used items…when you pick them up you can see there they came from). Pack n plays are must and Graco makes pack n plays that have a bassinet and changing table attachment. It saves having to buy a separate bassinet and changing table. (I have my babies in the room with me in the beginning because of nursing so the pack and play set up worked great for us.)
    For nursing I really like NUK nursing pads. Some women like the reusable kind but I went through too many so they weren’t practical for me. It’s a personal preference. If you are sensitive I highly recommend Lansinoh® HPA® Lanolin. I really wished I had used it when I was nursing my first baby.
    When it comes to baby food I make my own. No fancy equipment necessary. For example, I boil sweet potatoes, puree them with an immersion blender and freeze the puree in cheap ice cube trays I got at WalMart. Each cube is about a TBS. and I heat them up in the microwave. For cereal I put oats in a food processor to break them down and then cook them in the microwave. This website has some good ideas for making your own baby food It’s so much cheaper and healthier.
    My daughter’s high chair was the one thing I didn’t get rid of. It’s a Evenflo Compact Fold High Chair (though ours is almost 12 years old so I can’t promise the new one is exactly the same) and I love it. It cleans up easy, folds up if you need it to and fit our kids until they were ready to sit on a chair. There are a ton of high chairs out there though, and my sister prefers the seats that strap onto a chair. That’s something you can get after the baby is born so no rush.
    Congratulations. Sorry you’re so sick! It’s a little crazy starting over but with so many new things it can be fun too!

    • What wonderful advice! Thank you!

      • I tried posting this once…hopefully it’s not repeating. I made a mistake above by recommending NUK brand nursing pads. I’m sure they are good for some women, but I found them to be uncomfortable. I meant to say Evenflo! They are super comfortable and really absorbent. Sorry about the mistake.
        Also, if your baby has dry skin or eczema I found that Aveeno Baby fragrance free Soothing Relief Moisture Cream works well (if it’s eczema I use it morning and night). I still use it on my toddlers. Target carries it.

      • That’s great advice. Both of our babies in the past had eczema so I’m totally going to remember that!

    • Above I said I like NUK brand nursing pads…that is incorrect (sorry NUK :)). I prefer Evenflo. I bought NUK when the store was out of Evenflo and the box is still in my cupboard almost full. The Evenflo brand pads are soft and can absorb a lot without making you feel wet. NUK might work for some women but I’m not a fan. Sorry for the mistake.

  7. Never used nursing pillows or covers, always seemed more work then they were worth. We loved our Woombie swaddles, still use our Ergo and JJ Cole Wrap (little man just turned a year!), prefer our space saver seat to go on a chair, kickee pants, aden + anais, were lavishly gifted a MamaRoo, which was amazing for like 3 mo. Strictly cloth diapering and would recommend Bumgenius Elementals, Flips, and Grovia AIO if interested. My spouse and I both have custom Timbuk2 bags, so we created one as a diaper bag that little can use as his own as he grows. Little Man prefers Lifefactory 4oz glass bottles, low flow (even now).

  8. We just had a used shower. I created a wish list on Amazon and added comments next to everything, example. Exersaucer- Looking to just borrow this, will need for just few months, any brand/ color will work. Other items I asked for used or new, but stated I didn’t think we would return. We purchased used bedroom furniture from a coworker that I knew needed the the money. Also we got a really nice stroller, and not a combo systems so that we wouldn’t have to get another one. Other than that we really borrowed everything, even bottles. We of course got some gifts and I have already passed those nearly new items on to friends that had borrowed me something else. The items and clothing even for babies never gets really used. As a thank you, I did something nice for each person. Weather it be a gift card for something new, or help from my handy husband, or babysitting services. One friend we bought her little girl a brand new balance bike and just asked that when they were done they passed it on to our daughter. It worked great for us, and now I don’t have the stress of trying to sell or store all kinds of baby stuff.

  9. I have a whole post on my favorite products, but I would say if you are nursing, Lily Padz are a MUST. I have not had a single leak this the around. Best nursing pads ever!

  10. I don’t know what your budget is, but you HAVE GOT to check out Lily Jade diaper bags!! And, my daughter never tired of her Gymini play mat. In the nursing area, if you’re planning on breast feeding and need to pump the Medela is fabulous.

  11. I take it that this is a “surprise” blessing! I was in the same position 16 years ago. After having two boys, my daughter was born. My advice would be to keep things simple and borrow the items that you will only use for a short time (i.e. a bassinet and baby bath tub). I have purchased several “Boppy” nursing pillows, which all the new mommies love! Take your time and watch for sales and coupons….lol. Congrats!

  12. I’m a grandma and my best advice has to do with ingredients . . Avoid flame resistant coverings – the long term health effects are immense. Buy lotions and soaps that don’t contain propylene glycol (engine oil) or sodium laurel sulfate (tests show can cause blindness). It’s time to raise kids healthily to avoid chronic problems later. Shop at your local Health Food Store or Dr Mercola is a Naturopath and has excellent researched products. Be Strong and Healthy – our prayers are with you.

  13. My “baby” is 32 so I can’t be of any help. The best advice I ever got was just relax and take things easy. Enjoy that baby and if you ever need an extra Grandma, I am available.

  14. Britax – for carseat and stroller. Love, love, love.
    Also, I have a Graco pack and play with a flat bassinet insert (just so it is raised higher). I love it and one less piece of furniture always a plus.
    Love swaddling blankets! Aden + Anais are the best
    Good luck with everything! I hope that you can get to a better place soon with your HG.

  15. I loved the Boba wrap for a carrier when she was under 15 lbs. I switched to Boba Air after since it gives better support. My baby was not a stroller-napper, so the carriers were lifesavers when she was tiny. I also used the Fisher Price Cradle n Swing for her to sleep in for the first few months since she wouldn’t sleep in her crib. It made for a wonderful transition (instead of using a bassinet) to the crib since the motion taught her to fall asleep by herself, and we avoided sleep training! Woohoo!

    Congrats! Mine is only 6 months but I can’t wait to do it all again!

  16. aden + anais burpy bins are the best! I don’t know what I would do without them!