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Gorgoza Park

gorgoza park

I don’t know about you, but I am not a fan of the cold. No matter how many layer I put on I always end up freezing cold. Especially my hands. But, I also live in Utah where you cannot escape the cold for most of the year, so instead of crying about it we decided to find a way to enjoy it. Gorgoza park was our first outdoor, in the snow, freezing cold adventure and we’ve lived here for over 6 years. Oh gosh, I know, it’s a tad ridiculous, but it is true. And guess what? It was the best time EVER!!! I know this isn’t food, but we had such an awesome weekend away and I cannot wait to share all of it with you guys.

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I may not be a fan of the cold, but I am a fan of helping our family spend quality time together, giving the kids opportunities to try new things and especially to let the kids get wild and crazy. Is there a better way to get crazy in the winter than to do tubing?! You guys, I had so much fun ,  we had so much fun! I cannot believe how close we live to all of this awesomeness and yet we never take advantage of it? Have you heard of Gorgoza Park? Let’s get right down to it.


Gorgoza park is located in Park City, Utah and it offers Tubing, Learn How to Ski, Mini snowmobiles (heck yes!), and Fort Frosty. We didn’t do the skiing since we knew we’d be doing that all the next day, but oh my gosh tubing was so fun.

I’m a bit of a chicken (more on this another day), but these hills are the perfect size and while you certainly fly (even the Mr loved the big hill) you’re totally safe and you’ll find yourself squealing with dfelight. Or, at least we did. The best part? My little 6 year old went down the big hill with me the first time, and, hahaha, I can barely stop laughing as I type this, her eyes were wide with terror at first. As soon as she realized that she was totally safe she could not stop laughing! It was awesome!!!

gorgoza park

Fort Frosty is genius. The little kids are too small to be going down those big hills, but they still need a place to have, so I was relieved to see that there’s an area for them too. Off to the left of tubing there’s this cute little area where the kids can build forts, castles or whatever in the snow and this really cool tubing thingy. Basically a bunch of tubes hooked up to a pole and arms that spins the kids in a circle. Little C LOVED it. I’m not even kidding. If you follow me on Vine (ohsweetbasil) there’s a cute little video of her on there.

gorgoza park

(I don’t know why, but all of the kids were fascinated with letting their hands drag in the snow)

We’ve already decided that we are totally going back and this time packing a yummy lunch to eat there. I always feel a little awkward writing about our lives on here, I mean who is going to want to see pictures of us?! But, we honestly did not want to leave Gorgoza. We all let loose, acted like kids ourselves and had so much fun together. We didn’t even feel cold and to see our girls so lit up was worth the struggle of squishing everyone into a million layers of snow gear. Isn’t this what life’s all about? Forget work, chores, and life for just a day and get out with your family. Explore new places and just be together. That’s when everyone really strengthens bonds. We had an entire day free of nagging, fighting, exhaustion from life, to-do lists etc. Plus, we have memories that will last a lifetime. Totally worth it.

You must, must, must take an opportunity to go with the entire family. Just do it.

*Gorgoza park was part of our weekend away with Deer Valley. Our day at Gorgoza was provided for us, but everything is our own opinion and our decision to write about them.

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  • you all look so darn cute!

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    • oh my goodness, haha thank you!

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  • What a fun day!! I am not a huge fan of the cold at all, but that does look like so much fun!!! So much fun to see your family pics!!!

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    • That’s the key, doing something fun makes you totally forget about the cold, at least for a while.

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  • I’ve always wanted to try Gorgoza Park–it looks like so much fun! We’ve done another tubing park and had a blast. I too don’t love the cold but tubing is worth it. 🙂

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    • We should go together!

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  • I’ve never even heard of it (and we’ve lived here for 5 years)! looks like so much fun, you’re family is so cute!

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  • How much fun it looks like you all had!!! We don’t get much snow, so I love seeing how much your kids enjoyed it! Precious pictures!!! xoxo

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  • So fun, Carrian! My husband and I keep talking about getting my kids up to Gorgoza before the snow melts. It looks as though you guys had a great time.

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