I was able to participate in an awesome event last Saturday, Habitat for Humanity with Libby’s. Libby’s, you remember them as the canned fruits and veggies company, feels that the table is the center of every home, and that is EXACTLY what Sweet Basil believes. Families that gather for meals and to bond around a table create a better home for children and relationships. Unfortunately, many families are struggling to put food on the table. To help families around the US, Libby’s is partnering with local Habitat for Humanity chapters to give families a place to enjoy a meal together and everything they need to make it happen.



Habitat for Humanity Salt Lake City will complete three new/refurbished homes for less fortunate families this year. These are just two of the homes.
I had no idea how this all works and I loved hearing about it.
Families “apply” to receive a home, but it isn’t just flat out free. Families do need to meet an income requirement, the house is at cost, so they still pay a monthly payment, but it’s a 0% interest, and the adult must do I believe, 200 hours either working on houses or in the Restore It store. I love that Habitat for Humanity gives and helps others to give back. It’s like Pay it Forward. Love that. Can you imagine what it would be like if we all reached out to those in need a little more?


I was sad that I couldn’t be there for longer, but I am so grateful for the opportunity to have gone. I can’t wait to help out more. I really encourage any of you that haven’t ever helped with something like this to get out and look for opportunities to serve. I know we are all busy, but I promise you that the feeling you get by serving is the best and all children need to learn to take care of those around us.

To help these families get back to the table, Libby’s will provide each with: A pantry stocked with Libby’s products to make simple, easy meals for the family, a dining table for six to have a place to enjoy a meal together, and place settings for at least six family members
Libby’s vegetables are a convenient, affordable and delicious solution for family mealtime.
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