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Halloween Costumes-The Truth

halloween costumes - the truth

{All photography by Crystal Hadlock. Check her out, she’s an awesome Utah photographer and I love that although we just snapped these super fast in the neighborhood she has a ton of gorgeous photos on her facebook page and even takes Halloween photos! How fun would that be?!}

Listen, I’m a pretty easy going person and I do happen to love Pinterest, but there are times that we just don’t get along. The Holidays. Ugh, I can’t do it! I love to look at all of the pretty, awesome, spooky, or totally crazy ideas that pop up on pinterest for the holidays but it also makes me feel totally lame. So let’s talk halloween costumes-the truth. I cannot sew a costume. Yup, it’s the truth. All of these pins keep popping up in my feed about how to make your own Elsa dress, how to create your own transformer costume in just one day (one day?! How about 5 minutes?!), how to make your entire family the talk of the town, bla bla bla. Oh my goodness, there are amazing people out there but I just don’t have the time, energy or talent! So I’m rebelling. I’m showing you how I searched and compared different costume shops and websites and found one that I think has awesome ideas, great accessories, reasonable prices and quick delivery.

halloween costumes - the truth

Take that crafters! I am not as cool as you!!! But let’s not get crazy, I do still want to be like you. 🙂 Anyway, we love Buy Costumes and you still have time to order your own. Each one of us chose something different so we don’t even have a theme, but it’s ok! Your family doesn’t have to match! Cade went with this awesome Frankenstein because it’s still totally Halloween but it wouldn’t scare the kids half to death. He seriously had like 10 picked out in the men’s section so I’m just happy he narrowed it down.

halloween costumes - the truth

I went with an indian because I grew up in a place that has a rich native american history and I thought it would be fun to wear it and teach the girls two of the songs that I learned when I was a little girl. Plus, it’s cute right? And the women’s section has a ton more that I was tempted to get as well.

halloween costumes - the truth

I tried to get this one to be Ana because how cute would that be, but she really wanted to be a witch and she LOVES her costume. That’s all that really matters to me, her having fun! Especially because in a few short years she will be too old to go trick or treating. Her costume fit 100% true to size (does that ever happen?!) and it’s exactly what she thought it would be. She found her’s in the kids’ section.

halloween costumes - the truth

The little one only cared about Elsa, surprise, surprise and we were happy to oblige. Just like her sister, this costume fit true to size and it was even better than we expected! She loves it! You can find a whole bunch of Disney costumes here..

So listen, get off of pinterest, stop stressing about being the best mom with a homemade costume and go buy one that makes sense and you don’t have to stay up all night sweating bullets over.

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Our Must Have Cozy Fall Recipes 🍁

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