Hamilton Beach Favorite Appliances $500+

Hamilton Beach Appliances Giveaway
It’s day 3 of our 5 Days of Giveaways, so if you missed days one (Magimix Food Processor-$400), and two (Vacation for 4 to Deer Valley Resort-$4,000)make sure you hurry and enter those too.

Today’s giveaway is a great one and let me tell you, it is sooooo nice having a house full of all new appliances. I always say we should have wedding receptions every 8-10 years so we can get all new stuff, well now one lucky winner can feel that way all over again!!

*Not everything in the giveaway is in the picture below. There are a few things missing. Please refer to the picture above.

Hamilton Beach Appliances Giveaway

What better way to celebrate a birthday than to provide all new appliances for a reader?! Hamilton Beach has graciously provided this entire list of products for one winner and we hope that you will enjoy them as much as we have!

Hamilton Beach Appliances Motherload-$500+

Standing Mixer: This powerful baby is perfect for all of your kitchen needs. Whip up fluffy home made whipped cream, tender bread, gooey brownies or anything else your heart desires without breaking your arm from stirring. 300 watt motor makes it easy to keep up with cooking for crowds too. Plus you’ve got all of your major attachments like whisk, beater, and dough hook!

Rice Cooker/Steamer: A good rice cooker is essential in our house. Whether it’s quinoa, brown rice, coconut rice, pasta, or steamed veggies this appliance has got ya covered. 4-20 Cup capacity, digital, and even a delay start feature!

Slow Cooker: A programmable slow cooker with probe for checking your meat and a 2 cup food warmer! We love that this slow cooker can have a timer set, it’s digital, easy to clean and keeps an even temperature and correct temp while cooking.

Electric Griddle:  No more taking an hour to cook pancakes on your little skillet, you can now plug in an electric griddle that goes from 200-400 degrees, has a backsplash, drip tray and is completely submersible once you remove the cord.

Can Opener Station:  This is not just a can opener, you can open jars with the no slip jar grip, open mate that can slice through hard to open plastic packages, a cap opener and more. Click the link to see all of the extras that this can opener secretly carries.

Digital 4 Slice Toaster:  Finally, a toaster with more than two slots and digital buttons that make it easy to get perfectly golden toast.

Waffle Maker: Not your typical waffle maker that you got for you wedding, this waffle maker takes breakfast to a whole new level. Belgian Waffles turn out big and fluffy with this turning handle appliance, plus clean up is a breeze with removable griddle plates. BOOYAH!!

Digital Iron: Ok, this isn’t cooking, but who ever wants to have to buy a new iron? Plus, I hate trying to wrap the cord so this one is retractable, and it steams up to 40% more than the leading competitor. Plus, much more if you click the link to read through.

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