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I grew up in a house that celebrated Valentines day as a family. I really never thought of it as a “couples” holiday until I was much older. My mom would leave little goodies and maybe even a little gift on our beds to find after school and we would get notes or surprises from our Grandma that lived in another state. It was merely a day a of love.


What Makes the World Go Round?

I’ve been thinking a lot about our world lately and what really matters to people. Many would say that “money makes the world go round”. I completely disagree, and I know that quite a few of you will agree, “love makes the world go round.”  Everything we do revolves around making connections. Why are some extremely successful people so unhappy? At least one of the reasons could be the lack of love in their life. In their last moments of life many would say that they regret not saying I love you more, spending more time with families and staying better connected with those they cared about. So why don’t we prioritize love more?


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The Love Movement

I’m all about letting our significant others know that we love them, but wouldn’t it be lovely to show love to everyone around us. In fact, sometimes even those we really don’t know at all. It crushes my heart to think of those who will be lonely this year, and especially on Valentines day. I think we should consider a love movement.


Harry and David Valentine's Giveaway


This year let’s think about being a little more kind, and expressing love often. You have to show it for others to feel it. No assumptions that they “know how you feel”. Especially those who may live far away or we don’t see regularly. I know quite a few widows, aunts and uncles, friends and family members that could use a little love and I believe that I’ve found a fun solution. Of course Pinterest is full of amazing ideas, but Harry and David is a fantastic way to start.


Harry and David Valentine's Giveaway


Harry and David provides lovely gifts and food that can be shipped all over to express love to those who need it. I love that the more you read about Harry and David, the more you genuinely care about the company. Employees work there for all their lives. I’d say they most  LOVE the product, feel the LOVE working there, and enjoy passing on the LOVE to all of you. I especially am a fan of sending food because the receiver can make a special meal or treat with it therefore thinking about the giver even more. Creating together, even when you are far apart just means more. They even have beautifully wrapped Valentines Day gifts. Harry and David have actually been around since 1910 and still stands as a beautiful home catalog mail order companies. Can you just imagine using this lovely company to send out a little love to an unsuspecting someone??

And the best part? Spreading love feels just as good, if not better to the giver. In a world full of pain, trouble, and uncertainty we could transform February into a month of Love for everyone, regardless of circumstance. Just as my family did, enveloping us in love all year round and then making it extra special in February we could each grasp the inspiration to spread the love.



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6 comments on “A Day For Love”

  1. I think Harry and David is a wonderful company too and this is a great idea…but even on a smaller scale, I think ‘showing’ people you care matters most.

    I have given handmade gifts for as long as I can remember to family and friends for any holiday that includes the notion of gift giving; Valentine’s Day included. How about a box of cookies, or a handmade card or even the offer of doing something…say washing someone’s car, inside and out (maybe that is wishful thinking; I would LOVE that!). Our world is so commercialized; maybe partially because we show our love with gifts we buy. Save some money; show more love and MAKE something for someone!!

  2. Happy Valentine’s Day to your FAMILY! What a great thing your mom started 🙂

  3. what a beautiful family picture…I am looking forward to spending Valentine’s Day at home with the family…love all around!