Heber Valley Cheese

What is it about these sweet baby darlings that we just can’t get enough of them? I personally grew up with a ton of cows behind our house. Like, a lot. They are such a sweet, curious creature, and on more than one occasion they would end up busting through the fence to get into our backyard. This little love is sucking on Foodie Crush’s hand. Such a doll.

The other day a group of bloggers and I were able to head out to Heber Valley Cheese and tour how everything goes down with the Utah/Nevada Dairy Council. First of all, I am completely kicking myself that I did not grab any snapshots of the scenery. It is amazing. Maybe google Midway, Utah.

Anyway, besides the scenery there is something else pretty important out there, it’s called family. We were able to meet the Kohler family and hear all about how much they love to do this as a family. They raise a beautiful herd of cows that are fed well, and loved on just as well. Twice a day the cows are milked, and you can even purchase raw milk from them. (I know how the raw milk thing is quite big right now) Grant Kohler seemed completely thrilled to have us out to the farm and the cheese factory and he was happy to share all he knows about cheese. I love that he will one day pass this whole shabang over to his son. Again, it’s about family and caring about what they do.

The Kohler family (and this is clearly my favorite part) makes ridiculously delicious cheese. Like, really, really good. If you look in the top right corner picture you will see a verde and salsa cheese. BOOYAH. Plus, my all time, won me over, favorite cheese-Juustoleipa. It’s divine. Go and order it, like right now. It’s that worth it. And then please promise to tell me what you think. When you get it, just heat up a skillet, slice a few squares and grill it up. No bread, all cheese. Do it. Oh and don’t worry, Grant is working on new flavors like, chocolate, alfredo, jalapeno etc. LOVE. Oh, and if you have time, please check out the garlic spread. I could personally bathe in it, although I will resist as Mr. Handsome would not appreciate that.

A huge thanks to the UT/NV Dairy council for helping to share the stories of our local farmers and introduce us to products that we are  pretty much falling in love with.

You can head out to the Heber Valley Cheese store with your family anytime and make sure you check out their site.

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4 comments on “Heber Valley Cheese”

  1. Oh I love love heber valley cheese, wish I could get it more often!

  2. How fun!! Can you send me some cheese, please?

  3. What a fun time! So jealous!

    I grew up around cow farms myself 😛

  4. I loved getting a behind the scenes look. And I loved those baby cows!!