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Holiday Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again! Can you believe another gift giving season is here? We’ve been working hard to give you a Holiday Gift Guide you’ll love.
 It's that time of year again! Can you believe another gift giving season is here? We've been working hard to give you a Holiday Gift Guide you'll love.


1. KitchenAid

If you’ve been looking for a KitchenAid, now is the time to buy!!! Overstock has them on sale in any color you want but the real steal is this 6 quart Design Series that’s normally over $400 and now it’s $200!! GO. Buy. It!!!!!!

2. Simple Modern Vacuum Insulated Tumbler:

The perfect Simple Modern Vacuum Insulated Tumbler for friends and family! We are obsessed with these insulated tumblers that keep our drinks ICE cold for dayyyys. Okay, not days but the ice literally lasts for 24 hours! And no sweating! Di you hear that? NO SWEATING.

3. Carved Iphone Case

A while back we asked what iPhone cases you love and a few people directed us to Carved iPhone cases which are kind of a big deal with everyone from celebrities to the average joe. Real pieces of wood can be intricately designed with anything you want. Check out the ones Cade and I had made for each other. Such a unique, personalized gift.

eve mattress

4. Mattress

 You and I both know that it’s time. Your mattress has been hanging out since the day you got a place of your own, you’re waking up tired and tossing and turning all night. Just take the plunge. Eve Mattress is every blogger’s favorite mattress because gosh darnit, we are tired, worn out parents and all we want is a good night of sleep. Use basil100 for $100 off!

minnetonka slippers

5. Slippers

If you know me at all you know that I live in slippers. My feet are always cold and I don’t love bare feet so I’ve spent a lot of time finding the best slipper and these Minnetonka slippers are it. Good support, light weight and ohhhhh so snuggly. Annnnd they are on sale at Blue Fly! I had to search to find them on sale considering that this is kind of a big time of year for slippers.

6. Letterfolk Board

  These boards are on our wish list, but it’s been hard to find a good deal, until now! We searched and searched and found the best price for you! Love the idea of leaving cute little messages for our family every week!

7. Amazon Tap

These are just too cool! Everyone needs one in their kitchen or living room! Just “tap” and tell it to play music, uses the Alexa voice when connected to wifi to read news, weather reports, or even deliver pizza!!  You can snag your own Amazon Tap – Alexa-Enabled Portable Bluetooth Speaker!

8. Happiness Journal

Grab this cute happiness journal right here! A fun, inexpensive and thoughtful gift to help us recognize the good, happy things in life!!


9.The BEST Blanket

 If you only buy one thing off this list, make it this blanket. Much like slippers, I love a really fantastic blanket. And I mean, the type of blanket you can obsess about. You may never leave the house again. You may be the weirdo at the movies with your own blanket, but it will be worth it. Buy a Saranoni for you and each of the kids and thank me later. I. Am. In. Love.

10. The Only Pillows You’ll Ever Need

We took the plunge about 6 years ago and finally invested in good pillows and we only just replaced them THIS. YEAR. That’s how long they lasted! The Talalay Latex by Malouf keeps you cool, supports your head, neck and shoulders and it’s not hard like memory foam. It totally forms to you but allows you to move. We use the plush or firm and both are great. A side sleeper like me and back sleeper/side sleeper like Cade would be happy with either. A tummy sleeper will want plush.

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