Family Video and Hoping to Adopt

Family Video and Hoping to Adopt

One of the things that we were first told during the adoption approval process was the importance of advertising our hope to adopt. We have learned a lot about different ways to do so: our personal blog, Facebook, business cards, etc. Oh Sweet Basil has done wonders for the traffic we are getting and we couldn’t be more grateful.  But as time has past we felt like there was more that we could do to help people get to know us on an even more personal level. And although they say that a picture paints a thousand words, a picture is just one moment.  We knew that our birth family needs to see us in action through a family video.

Dave’s cousin Rachel is an AMAZING videographer. Like AH-MAAAZ-ING. Rachel has done a lot of weddings and engagements, and even some outdoor adventures. A few months ago we had seen that she had worked with another family documenting their life at home. And we wondered, would she be willing to branch out a little bit to do our adoption family video and include an interview? Let me tell you a little bit about Rachel. She is the cream of the crop—seriously. She is one of the sweetest, most sincere, easy-going, hard worker I know. We talked with her about what we wanted and hoped for and she was quick to work with us and excited to do the interview. Rachel came to our home one afternoon and in a wonderful few hours said she had everything that she needed. (It ended up being as long as it did because Dave could not get serious when we started doing the interview—seriously like 10 takes just to get started!)

[vimeo 108186306 w=500 h=281]

The Card Family. from Letty Films by Rachel Aletta on Vimeo.

I can’t tell you how touched we were at the end product.  Rachel caught some of the minutest details of our life that I will love and cherish forever—things that I probably would have forgotten otherwise.

I can totally see professionally done family videos being done right along with family pictures. In home videos, someone has to be behind the camera, but to have a video professionally done allows the whole family to be seen—and seen in the ways that they live their lives: the quirks, the love, the humor, the tenderness. Go to Rachel’s Vimeo page and look through her work. And please feel free to share Our Adoption Family Video with all and whomever you would like.

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3 comments on “Family Video and Hoping to Adopt”

  1. Wow Sarah what a wonderful video. Dave’s cousin is very talented… and I agree with Dave, your are an awesome person and have a love for life that makes you very fun to be around. It would be a blessing for any child to come into your loving home.

  2. Wow, this video made me cry.
    I hope someone looking for a family finds you!
    You really do seem like the perfect family. Making a video was a great idea!