How to Have an Awesome Tailgate Party

#tailgatingwithpork and good friends is the best way to enjoy the game!

Remember these awesome tailgator nachos that I made? Well, what I didn’t mention is that we also had an amazing tailgate party. Cade is from South Carolina and the south totally gets football. Yes, football is for sure key in their happiness, but tailgating is just as important as the game. I mean, it happens other places too, but not like in the south. I grew up in Washington and trust me, tailgating is not the same there as it is in South Carolina, (no I don’t mean that everyone just eats granola and PNW salmon). But, in the end no matter where you are football is even better with a party which is why Cade and I with a few of our good friends are going to teach you how to have an awesome tailgate party with Pork Be Inspired and Kroger.

#tailgatingwithpork and good friends is the best way to enjoy the game!

I love Kroger. No, they didn’t pay me to say that, I just do. I love that they are so on top of every little holiday and event and the store is packed with tools to make it successful for you. So, here’s the first thing. Head to your local store and start with the meat. Everything else falls into place behind that, but every great tailgate party needs a touchdown dish that will smell so good tummies will be rumbling and the crowd will be pacing with their paper plates. The Tailgator Nachos, Hawaiian Pork or these ribs would be great.

Before we go on I wanted to tell you about an opportunity to win with the Pork Board. The National Pork Board will be hosting a “Repin-to-Win” Pinterest Sweepstakes starting 9/16 thru 10/13 and feature a collection of tailgating-themed recipes, on Pork’s “Tailgating with Pork and Kroger” boards. We’d love for you to participate! All you have to do is repin one of the recipe images on Pork’s tailgating board with the hashtag #TailgatingWithPork for the chance to win 1 of 4 weekly prizes, in the form of $250 Kroger gift cards. Plus you can enter below to win,  portable outdoor grill, a digital thermometer, a tailgate cooler bag and a $100 gift card so you can stock up on plenty of pork and other party supplies at Kroger.

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But there’s something that should happen before any of the main dishes. You see many times when you get to a party everyone is still arriving, setting out the food they brought or helping to get the kids settled so the adults can just hang out, which means you’re going to wait a little bit before the pork is ready. I’m always hungry so to let me smell something delicious and then not feed me is just mean. We always, and I mean always, have little snacks out to keep people talking and munching while we prepare the rest of the food. Hello, you can’t have the main dish all ready and then wait 30 minutes for everyone to get there, so why not start out with snacks and then move on when everyone has finally arrived? We love easy but addicting snacks like cinnamon sugar pretzels, cowboy caviar etc.

#tailgatingwithpork and good friends is the best way to enjoy the game!

We love inviting our good friends over and specifically asking them to bring their family favorite snack, side or dessert and we tell them to go all out. Calories do not count during football which is why things like pizza dip, 7 layer dip fried taquitos, and southern cornbread make an appearance. Trust me, it seems simple but having your friends bring their absolute favorite recipe also means that there is probably a story behind it and it’s so much fun getting to hear all the stories.

#tailgatingwithpork and good friends is the best way to enjoy the game!

In the end a delicious array of foods and great friends to share them with actually becomes even more fun than the game. Plus I love that it becomes a tradition. Kroger really does make it easier too. I’m not just saying that. We are having another party this weekend and I love that I can go buy yummy salsa, meats that are trimmed perfectly and taste awesome, there’s recipes, samples in the stores, and all sorts of great snack and party trays to save you time. I’m just saying, no matter if you love or hate the game, a day full of delicious food and good company is creating wonderful memories and those last forever.



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19 comments on “How to Have an Awesome Tailgate Party”

  1. mini burgers and cole slaw! i love tail gate food!

  2. Pork Carnitas! Perfect For A Football Fiesta!

  3. I like Pork-Bellied Poppers.

  4. Jalapenos stuffed with Asiago cheese, wrapped in bacon then grilled, yummy!

  5. We love little smokies. 🙂

  6. Tailgator Nachos!

  7. I think mine is a good chili con queso and chips!

  8. I love the mini sausages!

  9. Great post! Pulled pork sliders are my favorite tail gate party snack.

  10. I love making spinach artichoke dip. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  11. I love a great burger with lots of extras, especially lettuce, tomato, onion, and avocado!

  12. My favorite tailgate recipe is a simple quinoa chili – healthy, easy and always a crowd pleaser – especially when served with some crusty bread!