How to store lettuce

Did you know that there are certain ways that you can store lettuce to make it last longer?

How to store lettuce…

Crisp lettuces like Iceberg or Romaine~ Core the lettuce (you can cut it off or for iceberg, pound it hard on the counter to knock the core out) wrap it in moist paper towels and refrigerate in a ziploc bag that is sealed all but one corner.

Tender Heads likeBoston, or Butterhead~ If it has the root attached leave it attached and store it in the original, plastic, produce bag or container. If it is without it’s root, wrap in moist paper towels and refrigerate in plastic produce or ziploc bags left slightly open.

Leafy Greens like argula or baby spinach~ Store in original container or wash and dry thouroughly in a salad spinner and store directly in the spinner.

But, what about prewashed and packed lettuces?? Well, because it is prewashed and then lightly sprayed with a diluted chlorine solution it typically has less bacteria than your kitchen sink would. Not really any need to wash again. Use it right out of the bag!!

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5 comments on “How to store lettuce”

  1. All lettuce and herbs appreciate an ice water bath, spin dry quickly and put in open container layered with damp paper or cloth towel, wet towel on top. Want to keep the greens cool and moist while the top towel allows gases to escape but keep the drying draft from fans in refrigerator from wilting greens.
    Herbs: can cut stalks like flowers and placed in sealed jar in an inch of water. If already in sprigs, put in a container with drainage or paper towel in bottom and sprinkle a little ice on top (if you don’t have shaved or small cube ice, put the large cubes in a towel and smash with a pot); can be repeated for several days and/or half hour before serving.

  2. You must have read my mind. I just threw out a big bag of lettuces from my garden and I wondered how to store them to keep longer!

  3. I'm terrible about wasting lettuce, so I'll try your tips! Thanks!

  4. I love your Wed. posts:)