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Ice Castles and The Olympics with Nick Goepper

ice castles midway utah

Are you all watching the Olympics? I know, they can easily take over your life on some events and these others you totally forget about. I always feel a little bad for the competitors in the lesser known categories. We’ve been getting our girls excited about the olympics and turning it into our own little family tradition. We wanted to really start to pump the girls up for the winter olympics and since they are totally obsessed with frozen we decided to hit up the ice castles and the olympics with Nick Goepper.  Thanks to the Thank you, Mom by P&G campaign!

ice castles midway utah

That’s right, we had the unique opportunity to interview Nick, a freestyle skiier (one of the best winter olympic events out there) and I had totally planned to make whatever his favorite recipe was I about had a heart attack when he said, well you’ll have to read to find out. It’s the one thing I really don’t make because there are only like 2-3 recipes I like and the rest I don’t just not prefer, I detest. Sorry Nick, but I did link up some other recipes you may enjoy based on your response to the other questions! And ps, how totally darling is this old picture of him and his mom that they let us use? I love, love, love that he’s working with Tide on their mom campaign. And his seems like an amazing one. You can watch his video below.

1.       Ok so one thing people loooove is the stuff your friends would know so I’d like to start with those.  Because I’m a food blogger and recipes go crazy on the internet I thought it’d be fun to have your favorite recipe from your mom that people can enjoy while watching you compete…What’s your favorite meal that your mom makes (any recipe help would be awesome in order to photograph it for the post)? 

A. “My favorite meal that my mom makes is meatloaf. I have no idea what is in the recipe, but I know it was my grandma’s!”

Me: Shoot! the one recipe I really don’t make! Here are a few meatloaf recipes I enjoy, but one day we will have to get that secret recipe. Basic meatloaf, and turkey enchilada style meatloaf.

2.       What kind of diet or nutrition plan do you keep while competing? Do you stick to a pretty strict diet? 

A. “I am not too strict on myself when I am competing, I usually eat whatever is in front of me! I normally just stay away from super greasy or sugary foods and I don’t drink any soda at all. I am big believer of mind over matter so I never drink any specific drink in the morning to wake me up. I usually just have a big glass of water in the morning, then maybe a Red Bull before I go skiing!”

3.       The super bowl is coming up and although you’ve got bigger and better things on your mind if you were watching it with your friends what appetizer is a must at your party? I’m personally all about the dips. 😉 

A. “My favorite Super Bowl foods would definitely be Mac and Cheese, wings and maybe a salad with some cranberries and nuts. I love Skyline Chili (from Cincinnati!) and would also have some pulled pork sandwiches.”

Me: Alright, now those are some recipes I can help with. We love this grown up mac n cheese and this roasted red pepper mac n cheese. I’ve heard of Skyline Chili, but until my good friend Hana sends me some I only have this DR Pepper Chocolate Chili or these Chili Dogs. And pulled pork you say? I’ve got plenty! Here’s some delicious sweet pork and hawaiian pulled pork and if you really want my favorite you HAVE TO try these pork nachos with pina colada sauce. 

4.       What is something that most people don’t know about you? 

A. All of my friends know that I love the movie “Rush.” I got to meet Niki Lauda at the Golden Globes, which was awesome!”

5.       Teaming up with Tide to talk about your mom and your journey has been awesome to watch, what role has she played in helping you to achieve your dreams?

A.“My mom is definitely one of the most influential people in my life—probably the best mom in the world! She has always been open to anything and super flexible—for example, if I asked her to miss an hour of school to ski longer, she would make a deal with me to do extra credit and I could stay on the mountain. It’s so ironic that the partnership is with Tide because, when I was growing up, my pants not only had holes in the knees of every single pair, but they were also completely stained with mud and grass!”

6.       What advice has she given you going into the Olympics? 

A“She always tells me to be confident, and to remember to brush my teeth and comb my hair in the morning before I go out skiing.”

7.       What are you most looking forward to about Sochi other than competing?

A. “I am looking forward to the slope style course. I think it’s going to be really fun, big and sweet jumps! I heard there might be some interesting weather and other factors that will play into the success of the event.”

8.       I grew up by Portland, Oregon where the snow is wet and icy and now live just outside Park City, Utah where it’s all about the powder. Growing up I didn’t even realize the snow was so different (which sounds silly now), but do you have a favorite place to ski? And if you aren’t training- is just a regular day on the slopes fun to you or do you need a little more adventure?

A.Perfect North Slopes in southeastern Indiana is my favorite place to ski! Pretty much every day is a day on the slopes for fun– the fun is training! While I am training I am skiing with my friends—we are always trying to hype each other up with new tricks and my coach will hang out and critique me.

9.       Last year we started our 2 year old and 6 year old skiing and both have fallen in love, but the little one especially likes to fly down the mountain and doesn’t want help from us. It makes me a little nervous as she’s so little. Was your mom ever concerned about what you were doing up on the mountain?

A.“There was one time that my mom came out and watched me ski and I said, “Mom, watch me do this trick on this rail!”, which was a set of stairs. She was watching me from the balcony in the lodge and I totally blew it and fell off the rail and broke my thumb!”

10.   Watching you do your thing gives me a little heart attack as well, even though it’s one of our favorite events to watch. Has there been a moment that has made you nervous or even scared you a little? 

A.“This past week I was super nervous to do another triple because I haven’t done one in a while!”

11.   When this is all done and over with what do you want to take away from the experience?

A. “I just want to go there and improve upon my legacy because I think that is one of the better things to take away from all these awesome experiences and what I leave behind as a skier and role model, especially with P&G and the Thank You Mom campaign for them taking care of my mom every step of the way- especially in Sochi in at the P&G house because I just want my mom to have a great time, because she is awesome!”

ice castles midway utah

So, like I was saying above, we decided that it would be fun to really get into the winter olympics this year and make watching and rooting for team USA a little family tradition. Which means that we needed to get out and do some fun winter stuff. We had already gone skiing up at our beloved Deer Valley Resort so the next stop  was the Ice Castles in Midway, Utah. They are amazing. The girls have been so obsessed with the movie Frozen so this was an even more special trip. When we arrived there were actually princesses everywhere. The girls were beyond thrilled! Somehow we missed snapping a few photos with them, but at least we still got to see Olaf. The castles are incredible. The kids were totally in awe of everything and you’ll be surprised to learn how it all got started.

A dad decided to build his kids a snow fort but used wood which crumbled under pressure. With time and a little experimenting he discovered that ice itself is incredibly strong. In fact it only takes about 2 inches of ice for a human to stand on it. And this ice is unlike any you’ve ever seen. It’s absolutely breathtaking how beautiful it is and at night there are actually lights all over in it. I think the Olympics should just go ahead and hire the Ice Castles to be at the next winter games. Can you imagine the awesomeness?!!

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