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Lenovo Yoga 11

Lenovo Ideapad yoga

Can you believe it’s almost 2014? I don’t know where this last year went, but here we are! We’ve been talking a lot about the best technology of 2013 and what our favorite finds were and I thought I’d share with you the one that we, Cade and I agreed was our absolute favorite, the Lenovo Yoga 11. And no, I wasn’t paid to say this. 😉 I am an ambassador for Microsoft, and I did receive a yoga to try out, but it was totally my decision to write about it. And because parents are probably thinking about those high school grads in a few months I thought I’d share my thoughts on what we believe is an awesome buy.

So here’s the deal, we are a computer family. We obviously need a great computer for the website, but we also have a few other needs such as, a little one in school and now days they do reading, keyboard etc all from day one on the computer, plus a husband who is in marketing and is working on his thesis for his masters program and lastly we don’t do the whole cable thing so if there’s something we want to watch we have to use netflix or Hulu. We needed a computer that’s easy for kids to use, durable, easy to travel with and really user friendly depending on what we are using it for, like just scrolling through pinterest or typing out a long paper. But, we didn’t want to get a big huge computer for home, a laptop to travel with and a tablet for everything in between so we set out to discover what would be a good everything computer and we literally found an EVERYTHING computer.

What we LOVE

*Battery Life- Don’t even get me started on my last notebook’s battery life. She was old and her battery life was horrid. This baby has a great battery life and I usually head to plug it in only to realize it’s only half a battery. Now when you’re out and about and using this as a tablet it does seem to go faster, but still great for every day use.

*Solid State- If you have yet to discover this whole solid state business I suggest you get on it. I love that the hard drive is solid state and I don’t have to worry about ruining my computer when I have to hurry and pick it up while open or if the kids haul it around to watch a little PBS Kids.

*The Feel- It is a little odd feeling the keys which are left bare when you’re using it as a tablet, but I personally love the feel of the Yoga. It’s sleek and yet still has a good grip which in something that is meant to be able to be taken with you is quite essential even if you don’t realize it until you’ve tried it.

*Touch Screen- That’s right, there’s a touchscreen. And I love it. I guess it should be obvious as it’s also a tablet, but I find myself using the touch screen when it’s a notebook ALL the time. I can’t help it. Its’ just so easy!

*Full Version of Windows 8- Enough said. Thank you for that!

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  • odd to say, but i have never owned a laptop. i do have an ipad mini but that’s the extent of a portable computer. for some reason, i just never jumped on the bandwagon……but perhaps i should; this one seems very user friendly. will be checking it out.

    thx for the post.

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  • I’ve always wanted to go ‘portable’ but have always been afraid of which one to even look into. Loved reading your take on this one. TFS.

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Free Email Series 5 Secrets to Stress-Free Dinners