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Today is all about lighting trends and our office sneak peek. We have learned so much and found truly beautiful pieces that we just had to share with you.

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It’s also your lucky day because… there’s a giveaway and 7 Winners will be chosen!! WOOHOO!!  There’s also a discount code for each of you so scroll to the bottom to read more or just click the giveaway link to head over and enter then come back for the details. Heaven knows you deserve a discount or free chandelier, pendant light or more.

Today is all about lighting trends and our office sneak peek. We have learned so much and found truly beautiful pieces that we just had to share with you.

We received sooooo many comments on our lighting from our instagram story sneak peek we knew we needed to fly to get something posted to answer all of your questions on which light it is and where it came from.

Cade and I are picky with house design. It’s not that everything has to be top of the line, it’s more that it needs to be quality, good prices and most of all inspire us. This is not just an office, it’s a place to write, to get inspired, to educate our children, to edit photos and get creative. We wanted the whole room to feel peaceful, but have a happy energy about it. I’ve been surprised, as one who knows nothing about design just how much every little piece matters, especially the lighting.

Today is all about lighting trends and our office sneak peek. We have learned so much and found truly beautiful pieces that we just had to share with you.

The lighting changes everything. And I mean everything. We spent weeks researching lighting stores, brands, fixtures, colors and more and finally found Lighting Connection. I know this isn’t about food so you’re totally weirded out right now but whenever we find something we adore and we’ve put in the hours of research no one wants to do we feel like we must share our discovery to save you time and to help you in your own homes.

Lighting Connection is everything. We made a huge list of chandeliers and pendents based on magazines, blogs, and most of all pinterest but we were having the WORST time finding where to buy the lights. And then we found Lighting Connection and I kid you not, they have every last thing on our list. There were some that we had seen on Fixer Upper or from Magnolia Market, Jillian Harris and countless other design inspiration sites. It was like finding a gold mine. You guys, I just linked to Jillian and sure enough, she just posted about number 9. SEE!! I told you!

Today is all about lighting trends and our office sneak peek. We have learned so much and found truly beautiful pieces that we just had to share with you.

So enough about all of that!! Let’s get to the good stuff!!

1. Perla Chandelier

This is the Crystorama 6 Light Perla Chandelier and it is even better in person. Holy moly. The from the windows reflecting off of the glass and gold features and then at night when you turn the light on and the whole house is asleep, windows are dark and this baby shines like a beacon of hope that yes, there is still good out there, yeah lighting really does change everything.

2. Broche Ceiling Mount

Are you kidding me? How absolutely darling is this beautiful light?! I am dying to snag it for our girls’ room. We are such fans of little plays on things you would find in nature as it brings a little life to the room without being as obvious as a plant or florals stuck in pots all over the room. Completely perfect, am I right? And the price!! You guys, check out that price!

3. Grange Pendant Light 

If you watch Fixer Upper at all you know that Joanna loves herself a good orb pendant light. It’s her classic touch, over a dining room table, in the living room or wherever else she wants it because that sweet lady has an eye for perfection which is why we totally had to include this beauty.

4. Viola Chandelier

Loving the different colors, the way the beads hang and make you think of summers in a beach house with the roar of the waves, the soft breeze blowing in your hair and the sand between your toes. Such a sweet and easy way to dress up your room.

5. Colerne Linear Chandelier

It’s all the rage right now, using pieces that both work in stylish city apartments or rustic country life. This Chandelier is absolutely a talking piece with those exposed bulbs, beautiful wood, and lines.

6. Bastian Chandelier

I was starting to write my own review of this light, but when I saw Lighting Connection’s description I knew it was exactly what I wanted to say. “We have a love affair with wood and metal design, open cage lanterns, and oh-so-hot worn brass.  So it should come as no surprise that we are absolutely in love (read: completely obsessed) with Bastian. Sporting three of the hottest trends in lighting, this baby takes home the gold for being the most fashionable chandelier we’ve seen this season.”

Amen to that!

7. Hobson Industrial Pendants

How can we not mention something that would be perfect in a kitchen. We love mixing old and new and industrial or pharmacy lights are the current rage but add in that antique brass and we are totally in love. Wouldn’t these be lovely hanging over a bar or island?

8.Mirage Drum Pendant

Who doesn’t love a drum light? They are so elegant in such a simple, clean way. I love the little detail from the bottom and the touch of bead work.

9. Jaqueline Chandelier

We originally fell in love with the Jaqueline Chandelier and still hope to maybe put it in our bedroom when we finally tackle, after 12 years of marriage having our own little retreat in our home, but until then it was just too big for the office. Jaclyn helped us find the Perla instead and we are absolutely obsessed with it.

10. Sabine Wall Sconce

I love glass, mirrors and light bulbs. Anything that allows light in or reflects it creates a space that automatically feels more open, and free. These sconces would be beautiful in most homes and create such an elevated space without doing much at all.

11. Alberto Orb

Isn’t this orb chandelier so fun?! I love the pictures used on the site of interior design options that would work well with it. It’s fun, it’s shape is full and feels like it lifts the energy of any room. And that color! Isn’t the color  perfect for taking things a little more dramatic or settling it into a restful coastal dream?

Today is all about lighting trends and our office sneak peek. We have learned so much and found truly beautiful pieces that we just had to share with you.

And in case you need to know, Lighting Connection has online help, sizing guides for those of us that need a little guidance in lighting, and their site is as beautiful as it is a well oiled machine. No glitches, no tiny awkward photos, no issues with payments etc. It’s true, not all online shops are great but this one has every little detail perfected just like a well designed room. You get what you came for. We stinking love them and will only be getting our lighting from them.

Plus!!!! There’s FREE GROUND SHIPPING!! I love when you get free shipping!!!

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