Living Planet Aquarium Giveaway

I love any opportunities to do things together as a family. That’s why I am such a big advocate of eating at home versus going out to eat. (Yes, I do still believe in occasionally going out to eat) I think that cooking together is a great way to bond as a family, but it doesn’t just stop there. I believe we have become a bit too casual in our families. Watching tv or video games has taken place of talking, reading, going outside to play etc. I especially love activities that teach in a way that kids don’t even realize how much learning is happening.

Living Planet Aquarium Giveaway

Have you ever visited the Living Planet Aquarium in Sandy? It’s so fun! It is seriously the perfect opportunity for you to get out of your house with your family and do something out of the norm, educational and so fun.
I know I’m a food blog, but I believe in getting out there and experiencing things together so I really wanted to get your minds whirling on ways that you can bring the family together.

There is a fun Cafe where you can all sit down and eat together.

There are way cool things you can see. Can you believe how tiny those seahorses are?! The size of a blade of grass!

The kids even get to touch a shark and sting rays!

This sunken ship is a party area. How much fun would a bunch of kids have in a sunken ship for a birthday party and then get to go see everything in the aquarium?

We thought these little guys were awesome! Fish that can also walk on land. That’s straight out of a fairytale!

Can you spot all three fish?

These are ghost fish. When the light is on you cannot even see them! Their heads hold their organs and the bodies are see through.

We had an amazing time at the aquarium. I hadn’t seen so many of the fish, reptiles etc. It was amazing!

I want you all to get a chance to go so let’s enter the giveaway!!

*You must enter by next Tuesday the 6th
*Leave a comment with how many tickets you would need.

Extra Entries- Must leave additional comment for each
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Winner will be announced Wednesday the 7th in the morning and winner must email me withing 48 hours

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