How to Make Easy and Cheap Graduation Announcements

How to make easy and cheap graduation announcements

Cade and I have been hearing everyone talk about school getting out, graduation etc and that poor mom or dad is trying to get everything done. So, in case you are one of those people we wanted to help out! We love celebrating special occasions, but we are also human beings and cannot keep up with the demands of pinterest (which I love, I just can’t be perfect like so many of those parties are). So, Cade mentioned that he wished he could sit all of those parents down and teach them how to just use Microsoft to get things done without spending gobs of money or time on the project. I of course said, uh hello, we own a website and you can share it with the masses! So, here’s Cade to teach you how to make easy and cheap graduation announcements.

If it’s graduation time for a loved one, there is a multitude of checklists and to do’s.  One of those to do’s is sending out invitations to celebrate your graduate’s achievement.  Creating the right invitation can be costly and time consuming if you aren’t aware of your options.  Try creating your own custom graduation invitation, including as many or as little pictures as you want and with all the necessary information you desire by using Microsoft Word or Publisher.  They have so many templates that you can use (for free) or you can start from scratch and create an invitation from a blank white postcard if you really want to make it your own.  Try Word or Publisher out for your own invitations this time, it literally is so simple to use, and best of all there is not a time consuming learning curve or design cost like a lot of the other design programs demand.

  1. In Word or Publisher click File, select New and you can search for cards or post card templates.  Once you find a layout you like you can select the file.  To replace your photos with the preinstalled photo simply right click and cut the picture.
  2.  Next click on the tab labeled “Insert”, then select “Pictures”.  Browse your photo album and select the picture you want to add.  To resize the picture right click and select “size and position” or “format picture” if you are using Publisher.  Increase or decrease the “Scale” section by selecting the up or down arrows (Height and Width adjust simultaneously as you adjust one or the other).
  3. Next select the text and add your spin on what you need to include in the graduation information.  Colors and schemes can be found and changed in the “Design” tab for Word or the “Page Design” tab if you are using Publisher.


As you begin to play around you will see it is quite easy to add your own little twists in very little time.  Enjoy and have fun!

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