Memorial Day Weekend In Review

Memorial Day Weekend was a busy one for us. We went out to my older (but shorter ha!) sister’s house and helped her and her husband put on a new roof. You already know her, Jennifer that guest posts on here every now and again. They are still working to put on the tiles this week, but we had to come home for work. Thankfully the weather held up and didn’t rain until everyone had come inside and was done for the day.

P wore herself out everyday. She dug holes, made rock cakes with weed candles, played in the grass and had the best time ever.

I cooked, cleaned, gardened and was the shingle, tar paper etc hauler. Please excuse us looking so trashy. We were working so hard so who wants to look good?

Cade (in the white in the first picture) worked on the roof all day every day. Even when it was time to eat he was always one of the last to come down.

We ate a lot of good food. Saturday we had subs for lunch and dutch oven dinners. The food cooked all day and mmmmm it was delicious. My family camped A LOT when I was younger so the smell immediately took me back to family campouts and girl’s camp. My family is pro at dutch oven cooking thanks to my mom who taught us all how to make really good food even if you are camping.

Monday afternoon was pretty low key. We had BBQ and it totally hit the spot!!

Come back tomorrow for all of the yummy recipes!!!

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7 comments on “Memorial Day Weekend In Review”

  1. That all looks so terrific. Great photos!

  2. wow what a great weekend! can’t wait to see some recipes

  3. It all looks so good! I can’t wait to get the recipes. Peyton is so cute!

  4. Looks like fun. I love dutch oven cooking. Can’t wait for the recipes.

  5. I will be back for the recipes. Great photos!

  6. Oh peyton is getting so big, all the foods looks amazing!!! When I become rich, how about we hire you as our cook? Sounds good to me!! Miss ya!

  7. Nice teaser! I'm excited & I was there!