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Must Have Baby Gear

We researched and researched and here is our Must have baby gear!

Last year when we announced our pregnancy we asked for baby advice and we got sooooo many emails asking us to please post about what ends up being the best of the best for all of our gazillions of readers who happen to be expecting as well, good heavens there are a lot of you out there! So, without wasting your time here is the must have baby gear list!!

Each title is a link, just click it to head to each site.


4Moms Momaroo

With its five different motion settings, this swing/bouncer is not only sleek in design but it’s quite possibly every mom’s saving grace. No, really. The price is higher, but go one without ever putting that baby down and there’s no amount of money too great. Everyone needs to at least use the bathroom every now and again and guess what, this swing will totally allow you to do that and get in a shower. WOOHOO!!

Plus, we always hated our bouncer that did some awkward vibration and we always joked that if only someone would make something that moved like a mom maybe dinner could be more than pancakes on some days, and someone actually did that! The movements totally mimic a car moving or mom swaying and baby loves it! PRICELESS, it’s priceless.

Number 1 bassinet, Halo bassinet that swivels and brings baby closer to mom

Halo Bassinet

We had a pretty great bassinet with our first two, it was high enough, could be lifted out of the stand and carried around the house and had storage for diapers which was especially convenient in the middle of the night. It was also a beast to get baby out of in the middle of the night. It was high enough, but also too high and made for some awkward grabs in the middle of the night. And then we discovered the Halo which was selected as one of the top ten products of 2014 by Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine, the Bassinest’s unique dual-swivel design allows baby to sleep as close as Mom wants – even right next to her in bed.  The Bassinest Swivel Sleeper is the only bassinet that moves to bring baby to Mom and it allows baby to sleep in his own separate sleep area, reducing the risks associated with bed-sharing.

The best bassinet and it brings baby clear up over the bed and next to mom

This Halo bassinet is so sleek and basic to the untrained eye but what they aren’t seeing is that it the 360º swivel feature and retractable bar allow for easy access to baby. You’d never even guess it did that unless you watched the video above huh!  Life saver in the middle of the night, and every little thing that makes your tired life easier is just so wonderful. Plus, think of those who had a c-section, not having to bend, reach, and pull at those stitches is a good thing.

*Set up was pretty darn easy. Yes, there are a couple of screws involved to keep the legs on, but let’s be honest, it’s holding your baby all night long so don’t you want things tight and secure? Seriously, set up was a matter of velcro, a few screws and setting the bassinet on the stand to clip into place. If you’ve ever had a baby you know that set up for any baby gear is usually a beast, can I get an amen?

*The light on the side will come in more handy than you ever realized and you can touch the button a second time to make it even brighter for those middle of the night feedings.

*Nursing? This genius bed comes with a nursing time that quietly flashes and beeps at different intervals to help you keep track of feedings.

halo bassinet

*I feel like this one is so obvious but in case you just totally missed it, we are obsessed with the swivel and collapsing front features. The swivel seriously is so nice when you are so dead exhausted. You reach over, pull the bassinet over the edge of the best and barely move to reach in and pull baby into your arms to soothe, feed or quickly change a diaper. It. Is. Awesome. Then just slide the bassinet away from the bed when you get up in the morning versus awkwardly crawling around a stationary bed. And if baby is a little fussy you can use the swivel to rock baby back to sleep without ever sitting up.

*We also love the mesh that not only allows a clear view of baby but if they say not to use bumpers how are those big bassinets any different? The mesh is so much better.

nuna pippa car seat

Nuna Pipa Car Seat and IVVI Stroller

We did another review which you can read, HERE but know that this is our choice for stroller and car seat because of three things, saftey, functionality and design. Other brands had one or maybe two of those things but so far this is who we’ve found for all three.


Love the designs, love the fabric, and most of all I love that one product can be used in so many ways. We live in Utah, hello cold weather and sweaty hot summers. This product will allow me to cover up the carseat without those lame tie on fabrics that blow in the wind and completely cover baby. I love that I can peak at his sweet, little face! And then when we hit the grocery store when he is older I can finally cover up the cart without bringing along another product and baby isn’t sucking on the handle bars, cause that’s gross, and we all know it happens no matter how hard you try.

 Oemi Baby Bag

Oemi Baby Bag

I’ve debated back and forth what to say about this one and decided that I’ve always been super honest with our readers so here goes! I hate most diaper bags. No really. I wont name brands, but I will say that I’m a grown woman and I don’t want a bag with characters, silly flowers or one that is pretty much a backpack. I just want something that lets me still look like the woman I’ve become but be an on top of thing mother that I’m trying to be. I want style, class and functionality. I searched long and hard and was coming up with nothing and then I stumbled upon Oemi Baby on instagram and I’ve been sold ever since. What you see in the photos is exactly what you get, style, space and organization as well as a well made, durable diaper bag. Here’s what I love and trust me, if you’ve ever had a baby you’ll know I’m right.

oemi parkside diaper bag

  • Made from 100% leather- quality, baby
  • Wide adjustable, removable shoulder strap- Finally something comfortable to lug the junk around in or remove it if you need to. Especially for use after baby. Yes, this bag is totally good for that.
  • Smooth, durable zipper- Our last diaper bags both broke their zipper and “ain’t nobody got time for that!”
  • Drop handles with high-quality metal hardware
  • Beautifully lined interior- I’ve learned that a well lined bag means it’s going to last longer so hooray for that!
  • 2 exterior deep pockets and 5 interior pockets, including one large diaper/wipe pocket with zipper- Organization, enough said. Well, maybe not, I just love the different sizes for different objects so I’m not searching a black hole like our last bag.
  • Change pad that opens to put dirty clothes or extra diapers and wipes- Obviously wonderful
  • Protective metal feet on bottom- Oh my gosh, yes! Our last bag I didn’t think it would be a big deal to not have the feet but the bag got destroyed since it wasn’t lifted off of surfaces.

Overall it’s exactly what it claims to be, stylish, functional, sophisticated and transitional from mom to woman. Worth. It.

best monitor, Avent


So we love Philips and looked to them first when we found out we were expecting. Here’s the thing, I feel no loyalty to brands when it comes to a baby because I just care about what’s going to work the best and not cost me $1,000,000, but Philips just makes dang good products that last and perform just like they say they will. We went with the Philips Avent Digital Baby Monitor  because of

*It’s clear sound

*Infra-red night vision that automatically switches on in the dark

*The self-activating screen and volume that will switch on when baby starts crying

*Backup Battery

*Indoor range up to 30 meter, Outdoor range up to 150 meter

*And MOST important, a 100% private connection. Yes, I read about the horror stories of baby monitors and totally became creeped out so we had to, absolutely had to have a secure connection.

Best infant tub, PUJ

PUJ Tub and Cups

We HATED our infant bathtub we bought a few years ago. It was a mistake. Huge and clumsy, nowhere to store it, a plug that never stayed in, and the slickest bottom ever. We knew we needed something better this time around and for something as simple as a bathtub we spent a lot of time researching. The Puj Tub is literally our absolute favorite and a must buy on any baby gear list. And we love their simple goal as a brand, “simplifying parenthood through great product design.”

*Easy storage- this tub just hangs flat against the wall. It doesn’t get in our way, we don’t have to drain it, and it doesn’t take up precious bathroom space.

*Easy to clean- Bless the owners’ souls for making something so easy to clean

*Quick Bathing- We just fold it up, stick it in the sink which is at our level versus breaking our backs leaning over a bathtub on the ground, and it nestles baby right in there keeping baby safe and secure.

And then while looking at tubs we discovered these Phillup Cups. If you have children already these are a must, must, must. You will feel pulled in a few directions as a mom to multiple children and something as simple as being able to get their own drink is the best thing ever. I know, you’re doubting me, but it is the best thing ever to not constantly be getting up to get someone a sip of water.

1320 ArmHammerDiaperPailbyMunc

Diaper Pail

We’ve heard a lot of mixed opinions on diaper pails but we are pro poop holder pails. Does it completely block the smell? Well, at first it does, but babies get stinkier and the smell does start to escape but nothing compared to a diaper chillin’ in your garbage can. This particular pail, the Munchkin Arm & Hammer Diaper pail, and we’ve now tried 3, personally not liking the Genie, the Champ being pretty good, is better at containing the smell. I love that it sprinkles a little baking soda each time you close it, and you can refill with your own soda versus buying new deodorizers.

Little Unicorn

Swaddles and Blankets By Little Unicorn

It seems like there’s one brand that has taken over the world of swaddles but we wanted to find something that was our style, offered variety and that was snuggly soft. Oh my goodness, Little Unicorn is the gosh darned cutest and we are just loving how durable they are. I can’t believe how quickly baby stuff falls apart and Little Unicorn is killing it for quality. The colors have stayed bright, the swaddles are nice and big so you can actually swaddle the baby versus those awkward shaped and sized receiving blankets. Plus, just wait until you see their darling quilts that are seriously so soft and darling, no weird cartoon characters here! And we couldn’t help but love the travel bags too. Hello style for mommy!

colgate kids mattress

Colgate Kids Crib Mattress

I never thought I would care about a mattress but I do. The closer we got to having a baby the more we realized there were far too many mattress options and while we didn’t want to spend a fortune we didn’t want to get the cheapest either. We discovered Colgate Kids’ mattresses and we ended up with the 2 in 1 for our little sweetheart. Here’s why…

**The extra firm side provides the support infants need and the less firm side provides the extra comfort toddlers prefer. 2 mattresses for the price of 1? Sold.

*Passes GreenGuard standard tests (which check for chemical components in your mattresses)

*I HATE changing bedding so it being lightweight and easy to lift up for sheet changes is a huge plus!

solly baby wrap

Solly Baby Wrap

Do not even try to convince me that wraps are not a must have. Holy moly they are. Solly Baby Wrap is my favorite for our little newborn, but what’s been surprising is that it’s not just to get through laundry day hands free but I especially love grocery shopping with it. I always hated trying to see over a car seat in the grocery cart or if you put it in the basket you have nowhere for food. This is soooo much easier and people don’t lift a car seat cover to take a peek so he’s safer too!

The wrap is actually crazy easy to use and trust me, I was really worried about that. The fabric is soft and breathable and NOT hot and sweaty. Another silly thing I was worried about since I’m often in the kitchen and didn’t want to be a sweaty mess.

Baby loves it and let’s be honest, that matters more than almost anything. He snuggles right in and let me tell you, there’s nothing better than snuggling a baby especially when you know you probably wont be able to do this ever again. TOTALLY worth the buy.

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  • Hi Carrian! I just wanted to say thank you for providing an honest opinion of your favorite (and discrete not-so-favorite) baby products. My due date is quickly approaching and being the first of my friends and sisters to have a baby is extremely daunting. I feel like I’m setting the precedent for products and with so many to choose from these days, I was glad to come across your un-sponsored article. I have now added Little Unicorn products and Oemi to my registry thanks to you! I hope all is well with you and your new baby!

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    • Yay! I’m so glad to hear it! I got so tired of “researching” something as simple as a diaper bag so I wanted others to have a go to place as well. Good luck on baby! So stinking excited for you!! Come back and let us know how baby is!

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  • I thought this article was a little off…. I couldn’t live without the sleep sounds, swaddlemes(the first 2months), my travel system, and bottle warmer…all essential items in my opinion.

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