steak kabobs 6 must see recipes

Phew! What a week we’ve had! It has been so crazy busy and then we decided to drive to Boise and have a little vacation with family. It’s been so fun, but I wanted to schedule out this post for today few must see recipes we’ve created that aren’t on the site. First up are these crazy delicious marinated steak kabobs. Like seriously, they are so good. Plus it’s using a new indoor grill  from our friends at Hamilton Beach that we thought would be fun to give away so enter and then check out the rest of our recipes!
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banana cream pie m&m cookies 6 must see recipes

These cookies totally remind me of Disneyland. Which we haven’t been to in like 3 years and the kids are just dying to go. In fact our littlest wasn’t even a year yet, so we totally need to go!! These Banana Cream Pie M&M cookies are so soft, so fun and totally delicious. Actually, they were a total accident. Remember these banana cream pie chocolate chip cookies that happened when we were trying to make Picky Palate’s famous M&M cookies. I had accidentally dumped in banana cream pie pudding instead of vanilla and had no idea until we began baking. My good gracious! The smell was amazing, but I kept thinking, that smells like something. Not vanilla, but something else. I finally looked at the package and woooops! It totally ended up awesome as the flavor was so delicious. I love a good accident!

So, my sweet friend, Kristy from Sweet Treats and More just moved to San Diego which we are so jealous about. She is one of our favorite people and we make her recipes all the time. As soon as we found out they had gotten a new job she also dropped the news that they would have to move in only a few short weeks. WHAT?! Why do the best of friends always end up moving away? I totally wanted to help out but I wasn’t sure how until I remembered these cookies. I did a guest post for her and you can follow this link for banana cream pie m&m cookies to check out the full recipe and give her a little love and hello from Oh, Sweet Basil!

lemon chicken skillet 6 must see recipes

And last, but certainly not least… Creamy lemon chicken skillet. We created this yummy recipe over at Pillsbury and I think you all will love it too. Plus we let our little one do the topping and she thought it was so fun to pitch in. It’s a 30 minute meal and uses less than 10 ingredients so it’s quick, easy, and perfect for summer!! Doesn’t that topping look just delicious?! I’d love it if you all would help me out by pinning, or sharing on facebook. XOXO!