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Cozy Soup Recipes to Get You Through the Winter

My Top 4 Favorite Things You Should Buy

Well, there’s my big ol’ face. Haha, but really, this is the most asked question for over a month, were your blue light glasses worth it? So, let’s talk about it!!


My Top 4 Favorite Things You Should Buy before 2020 is over and not a single one is over the top or even over $25!! Now, that’s a win!!!


 I pretty much never do these posts, but lately there have been a few things I’m loving so, so much that I just can’t help myself. No need to chit-chat, let’s just go!


Aprons are not just for Mom and Dad and in anticipation of our new cookbook coming out in 2021 which is all about teach you how to teach your kids to cook (and yourself if you need it!) why not snag the most ridiculously adorable aprons we helped create! 

And FYI Oh Sweet Basil readers get 20% off!!! There’s one that’s perfect for:


white magnolia slow cooker


3QT White Magnolia Slow Cooker and it’s On SALE at Target right now. We’ve been using it like crazy and it’s as cute as it is functional. Under $20, by Joanna Gaines and from Target? Every woman in the world wants it. 


blue light glasses

You asked how I’m REALLY feeling about these cheap blue light glasses. I never work without them now. I mean, sure I could find out later it’s some placebo effect but so far I’m 100% sold. I haven’t had any headaches, I’m less exhausted, less drained, less tension, sleeping waaaaay better after working before bed and the list goes on. $10 for 2 pair, it’s worth it.

I bet there are better, more expensive ones out there. Feel free to tell me in the comments. The lenses do fog and smudge really badly but I’m just going to continue with these for now as they really are working.


IT'S TIME!!! Cade and I are so excited that there's an oh, sweet basil cookbook that you can preorder right now called, Our Sweet Basil Kitchen!!


We are almost 100 days away from the launch of our 2nd cookbook, Raised in the Kitchen so how could I not acknowledge our first?! And can I ask, if you have a moment would you be willing to hop on amazon and leave a review of this book? I was soooo new at this when it first came out 5 years ago that I had no idea I should ask our readers to leave us reviews. So please? Thanks friends!!!


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Cozy Soup Recipes to Get You Through the Winter

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And this family especially loves to eat.

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  • So, i want to ask you
    This food What County ?

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    • I’m so sorry. I don’t understand your question.

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  • This is my first time coming to your blog and just to let you know for constructive criticism, the ads are so distracting and confusing from the article you wrote I quit halfway through. I understand you are making a living but honestly I probably won’t come back because this feels really spammy. Not trying to insult or offend , just thought you should know.

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    • Thank you for the feedback Kyra!

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  • Hi,
    your recipes are amazing. Question, would you ever consider making some healthy plant based recipes? I am working on trying to eat healthier and trying to avoid too much meats and would love to find some yummy plant based recipes.


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    • I have been writing up a few posts actually! We have been trying to eat more plant based meals ourselves. They are scheduled to go live on the blog just after Christmas and New Years. Stay tuned! And thank you so much for the support!

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Cozy Soup Recipes to Get You Through the Winter