National Pancake Day

It’s National Pancake Day AND National Peanut Butter Day. Who knew? I can’t believe how much randomness there is out there. Weird. Not that I’m complaining.I happen to love peanut butter and pancakes can be pretty good too. I think tonight I will try peanut butter, honey and banana pancakes. I don’t know how it will work out, but it’s certainly worth a try. In the meantime here are a few you may want to try out.


The best pancakes ever and it’s served with our favorite syrup.

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Carrian Cheney

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4 comments on “National Pancake Day”

  1. They all look good!

  2. How do you find out about all these national days? I LOVE pancakes of all kinds, and our household can't go a day without our peanut butter intake! I'm going to have to try your sour cream ones!

  3. What a great day! I love pancakes and PB! 🙂

    this makes choosing breakfast so much easier (: