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National Sleep Awareness Week

national sleep awareness week

Did you know that it’s national sleep awareness week? I love sleep. Like, loooove sleep and recently I was able to head off to Cincinnati, thanks to P&G (Did you know you actually fly into Kentucky? Totally panicked me for a moment when they announced, welcome to Kentucky on the plane) with P&G and some of my favorite bloggers to learn all about sleep and how not only are we getting less sleep these days (which isn’t a good thing) but our quality isn’t as good either. P&G is working hard to help us sleep better and I wanted to share what I learned.

national sleep awareness week

First, we arrived at an awesome hotel that had a totally different vibe about it. We learned that they have these huge penguins you can move all around the hotel. Kate from Our Best Bites, Susan from Doughmesstic and Paula from Bell’ Alimento all made sure that I had a creepy penguin, or more chillin’ in front of the door to scare my pants off me. Thanks ladies. And I got to see Stacy again from 7 on a Shoestring. Love her.

Anyway, we had cool products to try like a sleep machine that does not have bird sounds (hate that) but instead it’s almost like white noise and sure enough, it did help me sleep that night as well as the Zzzquil which I took because I sleep horrible in a hotel and it doesn’t make you feel groggy in the am. We also got breakfast in bed and a chance to feel rested before heading off to P&G.

national sleep awareness week

At P&G we got to talk to Natalie, a totally interesting sleep expert who taught me about these 5 Healthy Steps for a Good Night’s Sleep. Loved learning about sleep and how much we should be shutting off electronics before bed. Also, did you know a woman’s horomones during that blessed time of month actually makes us have crappier sleep? Now I know I can pay attention to my body and use things like the Unstopables (which I love!) to make our bedding smell good and use a little ZzzQuil so I don’t miss out on sleep and become a crabby mommy.

The whole trip was so much fun and most important I learned that we need to pay attention to our sleep and use products and those 5 steps to help my body and our family’s bodies be healthier. Sleep is when our organs etc all take care of themselves. Sleep is essential and we have to start doing it better and teaching our kids how important good sleep is!

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  • it’s actually great that we dedicate a week for sleep awareness. That’s how important that we should know the importance of sleep.

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    • Absolutely! It is SO important!

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