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Never Give Up

Never Give Up

I asked Crystal to post about one of her recent experiences that I believe relates to life, health, financial goals etc. perfectly.  So I’ll let her tell you and then we would love to hear your thoughts.

I was going up to speak to some girls about health and fitness at a girls retreat one Saturday. On the way up to where the retreat was being held you had to drive up a huge mountain. I was driving my husbands small car and it could not make it up this mountain. So I backed down and went to the front entrance of this area to park in a parking lot. I tried calling other girls that were up there to see if they could come down and get me but cell phone coverage was not good up there. At this point it was 2:30 the time I was suppose to be there to talk. I had no other choice but to start walking. I don’t know how far it was exactly but I was carrying a cooler with food and my purse up straight hill, then I approached the really big mountain. Mind you I’m in a dress and good thing I didn’t wear sandals. I was hot and tired because I’ve been driving around all that morning from place to place so the last thing I wanted to do was hike and especially in a dress. So I got to the mountain and I hiked it, I had no choice but to do so. I got about 25 ft from the cabin and I finally got cell service and a phone call. It was a girl from the cabin asking me if she needed to come down to pick me up. I said “no I’m almost there”. So I got there and I made my appearance looking like I ran a marathon. Honestly I wanted to just turn around and go home but I didn’t,  I continued on and even though I had to climb a mountain to get where I wanted to go it was worth it. I was able to talk to some amazing girls and it was worth the climb.  Never give up because you don’t know what could be waiting for you at the top.

So many times In my life I wanted to give up. What good is it going to do to give up on something that you want? Honestly giving up is not worth it for one you’re letting yourself down and two you never know what the outcome could have been if you didn’t give up. Keep striving for your goals even if its hard, even if you have to climb a mountain to get there. You will get there from being consistent and never giving up

.Crystal Smith

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