Norwex Giveaway

Norwex giveaway

Listen, I know that we are going to have people on both sides of this as some are die hard Bleach lovers, which is fine, and others are die hard make your own cleaning products with grass or whatever, and that’s fine too, but as I consider myself a middle grounder (one who tries to live a healthier more natural lifestyle but still uses every day products too) I thought I should tell you all why we use Norwex in our home and why I’ll never go back. So, I’ve invited my friend, Heather who I buy my Norwex from to share a little about why our home is so clean and why we love Norwex (click the link if you want to order as this isn’t a product you can just run to the store to buy, and yes it’s better than the knock off microfiber)

A while back I attended one of those “come to a party where I sell you on why you should spend gobs of money on my product” parties and I didn’t go because I cared, I went to support a good friend. The problem is that I left totally sold and and have only fallen more in love with the products since so pretty much I was a fool to not care at first. And don’t worry, if you scroll to the bottom we are doing a giveaway so one lucky reader can walk away with goodies!

Norwex giveaway

So! Here are my MUST-HAVES so that you can order asap! And trust me, you want to order. And if you want to host your own party online or in person Heather totally does that, even out of state and you can earn your own free products so scroll down ! But first enter the giveaway! And dudes, I desperately want those dryer balls so you better enter or I will!

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Car Seat Stained - Used Wet Enviro (Before & After) by Dawn Raiber w Text (2) Norwex giveaway

I buy Norwex because there aren’t chemicals, they clean better than the gazillions of products I’ve tried, especially for hard water, and they last forever which saves us seriously hundreds of dollars a year.

1.Basic Package Love this one because it’s tightly knit in a way that it acts like it has tiny microscopic grabbers that pick up every bit of dirt and it has silver in it which makes it so that you aren’t spreading bacteria etc around. So it’s antibacterial without chemicals! You guys, Heather said it could even get stains out, which I didn’t believe until I actually scrubbed a spot of ketchup on my white shirt and holy guacamole it came out. I know, I’m an infomercial but it worked!!!! You can use different colors for every room in the house and just water is all you need to clean surfaces. It’s the one in the chicken video plus the window cloth. Yeah, say goodbye to windex and these two last for years.

2. The Descaler– My obsession. We use this baby all the time and it’s like a blasted miracle. Just spray it on anything that needs cleaning like a kitchen sink or my favorite is our faucets in the bathtubs and showers with hard water. I let it sit a moment then wipe it clean and I kid you not, it looks brand new. No scrubbing. No weird cleaning products that you can’t breath around and don’t work. This stuff is amazing.

3. Dryer Balls– Um dryer sheets aren’t good for the environment or you clothes with all of the buildup of chemicals, but I cannot help but use them or there’s so much static. Dryer balls are the bomb diggity with no chemicals and they last for a year or more! Hello awesome!

4. Makeup Remover ClothYou heard me, this one little cloth takes off all my makeup and washes my face with just water and I’ve never had such soft skin!!! Plus, like the others it lasts for years.

Ok, I’ll stop there but the laundry detergent, dish cloth (say goodbye to nasty scrubby brushes), bath towel, blue diamond toilet cleaner and so many more are amazing and here’s Heather’s email if you just want to ask her questions or do your own party. natu[email protected]

Facts about why chemical free is important

Did you know that 1 in 3 people will be diagnosed with cancer in our lifetime?! Did you know that after spraying a chemical it only takes 26 seconds before it has entered every organ in your body! And, did you know that Bleach is directly related to cancer? Knowledge is power my friends and if there’s a way to keep our home healthier and protect us from future illness or disease and it happens to save me money, I’m in. Yes, it has saved us gobs. We don’t have to buy a whole list of different cleaners that only last a couple months (these last years) so while we spent more the first time I haven’t bought any more cleaning products at all.

Like I said, I’m not one of those people that is all crazy about chemicals and the government but if I can avoid chemicals then I totally want to. Plus I clean my house waaaaaay faster since I’m not using 50 different products and I’m not spraying things down, hauling products room to room etc.

SO, a few things! First, you can host your own party on facebook or in real life with a group of friends and that gets you your own products for FREE! Or if you don’t want to that’s cool, you can just order your own by following THIS LINK

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  1. Please tell me how you got the car seat clean? My car seats are ruined from my kids and look just like the picture. I just purchased some products last week. Help! ?

  2. I don’t Facebook either but sounds like a great product!

  3. I have the basic package and love it! Sounds like I need to look at the descaler and makeup ones too!

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  5. I totally have the basic set, kitchen cloths and towels, dryer balls, the laundry soap, the cleaning paste, the bath mit, and more. LOVE Norwex!

  6. Wow sounds awesome! I definitely need to try this!

  7. Shucks! Would love a chance to win, but I don’t have a Facebook account, nor do I want one and our lives are far too hectic to book a party at this time. We have an enviro cloth and love that my kids can help clean and not be exposed to nasty chemicals!

  8. These products look amazing! Would love to try them!!! 🙂

  9. I have been using Norwex towels for about four years now and I love, love, love them!!!!!!

  10. I’m sold!! I want to get the products just by reading your blog…

  11. I’ve never been this excited about cleaning supplies! Nerd bust! (But my fridge will be spotless 😉 )

  12. Those look cool, but I wanted to say I’m so glad I stumbled upon your blog! Everything looks so delicious, and I really need to make those churro donuts for Cinco de Mayo. 🙂 Thanks!

  13. I received one of these rags for Christmas and I LOVE IT!