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Nuna Pipa and IVVI Car Seat and Stroller

Looking for a fantastic car seat and stroller? We are loving the Nuna Pipa and IVVI car seat and stroller for our little guy!

Looking for a fantastic car seat and stroller? We are loving the Nuna Pipa and IVVI car seat and stroller for our little guy!

It’s not very often that I stand up and say something about appliances, gadgets, baby gear etc but that’s mostly because often things are really just about preference, nonstick versus stainless, riding versus pushing lawn mower etc. But when it comes to having a baby after 5 1/2 years of hoping and praying for this little guy, well we’ve got an opinion and we’ve done our research to back it up. So, if you’re looking for a safe, stylish, functional car seat and stroller then read on because we think we’ve found our favorite.

NUNA IVVI stroller and carrycot

And before I gab about the details I have to tell you, we get stopped everywhere about our little guy’s stroller and car seat. We love that you come up and ask us questions about purchasing it. Nuna may look like it’s all style to a newbie in the baby department, but it’s their approach to functionality and safety that sold us. You see, we received many emails offering advice that all car seats are equal and it’s just a matter of taste, not true. When it comes to safety and user friendly gear we realized that there’s a lot you want out of a car seat. You don’t have to spend $1500 on a car seat alone, but there’s a reason some car seats are only $50 and our little man’s life is far too valuable to take chance. Here’s how we break it down..

Nuna Pipa


*Sleek design and shape

*Well sewn fabrics and durable materials

*Softest yet most sturdy car seat lining we’ve felt.

Looking for a fantastic car seat and stroller? We are loving the Nuna Pipa and IVVI car seat and stroller for our little guy!


* The base comes with green-for-go safety indicators that make it easy to see whether your seat is safely installed.

* Steel enforced stability leg, true lock™ installation system that locks the base and therefore car seat in even tighter than other systems that often wiggle or move back in forth if you ever need to slam on the brakes.

*We aren’t just worried about car safety as we also have to take into account the weather, rain, snow, high heat can all be dangerous for a baby, especially a new baby. Nuna took the elements as well as car riding into account which we can’t applaud enough given that everyone uses car seats to tote baby everywhere these days. You’ll find not only a shade that comes down over baby, but also a hidden dream shade that pulls out and uses strong magnets to block baby from the harsh weather. Also, sleek and savvy fabric keep tiny ones cool in hot temperatures and toasty in cold weather terrain.

*5 Point Harness to keep baby securely buckled.

*Side impact protection for ultimate baby safe keeping


This was a big one for me as not only do I want a safe baby but I also don’t want to break my back lugging around a car seat or have one that is a real beast to handle.

*Swift and simple 5 second install. No, really. If you’d only seen us install our last car seat, yanking, pulling things tight, wiggling the heck out of it only to find the base could still lift completely off the seat you’d understand why I about fainted when we installed this base and car seat. Check out the video and just see for yourself!

*Ultra lightweight (just 7.7 lbs!) but heavy duty shell made out of super resilient, top of the line plastics. Bless your souls for making a light car seat that still can carry its own.

*A lightweight aluminum handle bar is ergonomically designed so that you can carry the babe with ease.

IVVI Stroller

Nuna USA IVVI demo video from Nuna on Vimeo.

Since discovering the IVVI stroller a new stroller has appeared called the TAVO, if you’ve had experience with it we would love to hear more as we are curious about one versus the other. We love the carry cot on the IVVI and adore the idea of the TAVO taking on the carseat without changing any pieces out. We will be curious to see which ends up the favorite. 

Looking for a fantastic car seat and stroller? We are loving the Nuna Pipa and IVVI car seat and stroller for our little guy!


*A stroller that looks like it cost a million bucks but totally doesn’t.

*Sleek fabrics and frame to create an up to date, modern approach to parenting.


*Easy to lock wheels with the press of a lever by your feet so baby and stroller can’t be pushed away or bumped into by shoppers.

*Three or five point anti-loop, no re-thread harness featuring quick click release button provides ultimate safety and peace of mind so that baby or toddler cannot slip out.

Looking for a fantastic car seat and stroller? We are loving the Nuna Pipa and IVVI car seat and stroller for our little guy!


*Dream drape that tucks away hidden when not needed and over sized hood to really cover baby from elements.

*Easy to push one handed unlike other bulky strollers.

*Stroller stands on its own when folded down instead of falling to the floor.

*Under carrier storage basket for purses, snacks, and more.

*Car seat adapters quickly and effortlessly slide in and out to switch from car seat being attached to the carry cot or seat attachment without every breaking a sweat or pinching weird buttons.

*Easy pull fold buttons that allow you to quickly and easily fold the entire stroller up for travel.

*Adjustable handle bar based on height and comfort.

*Lockable front wheels for bumpy rides and unlocks to easily swivel through shopping trips.

*Forward and rear seating for the child in case they want to see the sites or if Mom wants to keep an eye on the child.

*Seat is adjustable from sitting up to laying all the way down for a sleeping child.

So now that we’ve been over the basics, what do we really think? Well, we’ve always given you the blunt truth and to be honest, we love both the car seat and stroller. Sometimes it looks good online but disappoints in person and we feel like we’ve experienced the opposite. We are so unbelievably happy with Nuna and feel like we couldn’t have made a better choice. And seriously, just wait until you feel it, you can feel the quality, craftsmanship and hot dang those fabrics are soft too!

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    My husband and I are shopping around for a car seat currently and we loved your review. We found it to be thorough and insightful. The world of shopping for things that carry something as precious as your child can be tough- you can read a million reviews and still feel like you have no idea what you are getting. I was just wondering whether your post was sponsored or if this was simply inspired by your own wonderful experience.

    Thank you again for your insights and help!
    Congrats on your new little guy!
    Talia Laird

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    • We actually reached out to the brand because we had done so much research and loved the seat so it wasn’t sponsored but we did end up receiving the stroller and car seat to photograph. 🙂 So glad we did the research because there were so many car seats out there!

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