Friends!! We are SO excited to be teaming up with Once a Month Meals to provide you with a few freezable, delicious Oh Sweet Basil recipes to reinvent your family dinner. Using some of our most popular recipes, we have created a menu for you that adapts well to the freezer so you meal prep ahead of time and forget about the craziness of prepping dinner!

Don’t worry, I see you…

Your 9-year-old is out playing with friends and you need to call her home.

Your 7-year-old is playing a video game, and you’ve asked him 178 times to turn it off.

Your 4-year-old is begging for a snack….again.

And your 1-year-old is screaming at your leg wanting you to hold her while you cut up raw chicken and chop onions.

Your husband calls to say he’s on his way home and wants to vent from the day he’s had at work.

Dinner time is madness!

I got you covered. We’re finally bringing you a way to make freezer meals from all of our favorite recipes. 


Once a Month Meals to the rescue!!

You can make them all ahead of time in one day! Grab a few of your girlfriends and have a freezer meal prep day. Everyone goes home with 5 meals ready to go! Head here for all the details: Once a Month Meals – Oh Sweet Basil.

These are the recipes that will included in our first installment:

A photo of braised short ribs garnished with sesame seeds, cilantro, green onion and red chile peppers on top of white rice on a gray plate. This can be made into a freezer meal for meal prep.

a dark plate with chicken breasts with an apricot italian dressing - great for meal prep!

Easy coconut chicken curry - great for meal prep!

A metal, vintage bowl filled with white long grain rice and shredded chicken with a simple honey curry sauce made in an instant pot with cilantro on top. easy instant pot honey chicken. Great for meal prep!

A black cast iron skillet with a creamy sauce full of sun dried tomatoes, mushrooms and seasoning over perfectly cooked chicken. Great for meal prep!

So whether you’re expecting a new baby, a busy working mom, or just want some new meal ideas that are healthy and easy to get the whole family around the dinner table, these Once a Month Meals are for you!

Once a Month Meals provides a meal planning membership that teaches and provides resources and menus for families to freeze meals ahead of time (meal prep) so that they never have to plan daily meals ever again. Sounds like heaven, right?!

We can’t wait for you to join us! Once a Month Meals – Oh Sweet Basil. COME ON OVER!