Ok, I lied. This is not an Oprah’s favorites giveaway, but it’s still a giveaway and it’s still pretty awesome.

So, awhile back I was thinking about how I always wished I had been on one of Oprah’s favorites giveaway shows. Goll, I can totally hear her voice in my head shouting out that there’s “ONE FOR EVERYYYYYOOOOOOOOONNNNNEEE”. Mercy, that was one lucky audience. Can you imagine? Geez. So, here we are years later and while I’m certainly no Oprah, we don’t even look like we could be related, but I am a blogger and fact be known, bloggers get to work with some pretty awesome brands.
So, I thought, “Shoot, I aint no Oprah, but I can start doing “favorites” giveaways!! BOOYAH!!” I actually did say it just like that. I’m gangsta. Truth.

The Best Part About The Holidays is Giving

Here’s what else I’m hoping about this giveaway, it’s about to be the Holidays and there are a few things I’ve been thinking about.

A. Money is already tight for so many out there and it will be even worse with the holidays. Hopefully these are items that can be helpful to someone out there, or maybe the winner will even use the items to help someone else in need.

B. Everyone deserves to have something good happen to them. Sometimes something as simple as a friendly smile, or a giveaway can totally change someone’s day. Here’s to hoping that happens. 🙂

I’m hoping that whoever wins will fit into a or b. Or both 😉  Either way, it’s always fun to give stuff away and especially when it’s really awesome stuff.

So friends, let’s get dishin’. I love a clean home. I’m not OCD like my sister may believe ;), but I truly believe with all of my heart that a clean home has less stress, contention, and more peace, happiness etc. I mean, think about it, if your home is picked up you know where things are… no fighting over lost items. If your home is picked up, whether you realize it or not, you are not carrying an extra burden around on your shoulders. If your home is picked up (gosh, I’m starting to sound like Jeff Foxworthy …”if you’re couch is sitting both inside and outside of your house, you may be a redneck”) your mind and soul are more free to truly relax.

Some of my favorite products for the home are simple, but they are awesome.

I love these two because they actually work. Don’t try to tell me you’ve never tried the off brand or dollar store stuff. I know you have, as have I, and it just isn’t worth trying. In fact, we tried a really cheap generic once and the soap drizzled out like water and although we were scrubbing the dishes, practically no bubbles appeared. What a waste…

Dawn Power Clean – “Rather than piling up guests’ dishes in the sink and leaving them there throughout the event, which may create odors in your kitchen, Dawn Power Clean will lift away leftover food with the power of an overnight soak in 5 minutes.  Powerful enzymes make the formula tough enough to battle stuck-on food, but easy enough to use for daily dish duties. ”

Dawn Grill Cleaner -” Dawn Grill Cleaner has a specially designed formula to penetrate the toughest burnt-on grease on your grill.  It will easily wipe away the taste of last week’s burgers and can be used on dishes, pots and pans in the kitchen.” This stuff is a beast. It seriously cleans the grill to perfection and I could not be more pleased. Plus, if you read this post about the dangers of grill bristles from old brushes, trust me, you’ll want a clean grill.

Jiffy Steamer-“Jiffy Steamer’s ESTEAM ® is the most powerful hand-held steamer on the market. This simple-to-operate steamer is ideal for use at home, in the office or on the road. The ESTEAM ® provides a convenient way to remove wrinkles, without the use of an iron, with 3 times more power than most other hand held steamers on the market. The ESTEAM ® has a quick heat up time of less than 2 minutes and will steam continuously for 15 minutes per filling.”

You guys, steaming your clothes is so much easier!!! I promise. And, how awesome that you could totally travel with this baby. We’ve been using a Jiffy Steamer for months now, and our sad iron is just collecting dust now. You should totally want one. (And don’t worry, you’ll be getting one)

I’m kind of a forever Tide fan. I’ve tried all of the other brands, but I always end up going back to Tide. I like how it smells, I like how gentle it is on our clothes, I looooove how it saves me money. I use the cold water on our colors, and vivid white on all of our whites. This allows my whites to stay bright longer, so I don’t have to buy white shirts (I love a basic white, in fact, I’m a huge neutrals girl if you look in my closet) all of the time. I love that the coldwater helps us to save our money because we can wash in cold water and it still does a fantastic job. WOOHOO!!

So, go ahead and enter the giveaway and help spread the word!

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