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It’s here, Cyber Monday. This is much more my style compared to Black Friday, but I hardly like digging through deals online either. It’s also reality that many of us still have leftovers to deal with. UGH!! Be gone turkey, be gone!!

I’m totally against this whole black Friday thing starting on Thanksgiving. I find it completely ridiculous that we cannot have even 1 day to just be thankful, and not worry about elbowing our way through a store to grab, fight and claw our way to the best deal. Don’t get me wrong, I still love a great deal, which is why I decided to do a few things today.

First a little bit of love. Our readers are the best part about this job. I know, you were thinking it was the paycheck, free stuff or trips. I know this sounds crazy to many, but the best part about this site is all of you. We could not be more grateful for the amazing people we’ve met, friendships we’ve gained and the sweet comments from all of you. I wish we could get to know everyone personally. Ugh, it would be so amazing!!
So, let us give a little back to all of you.

Make sure you scroll through the entire post so you miss out on any opportunities. 😉

Win an Oreck Power Team Valued at $600!!

The holidays are pure craziness, but a few things can help you out. For starters, a really great Vacuum and handheld team like the, Magnesium RS  can help quickly clean your house, and we all know that a clean house makes everyone feel a little less stressed.
The Oreck Vacuum is seriously amazing. I cannot even begin to express how much better it is than any of the other vacuums that we’ve had. For. Real.

The Awesomeness of the Magnesium RS Vacuum

I absolutely love that the head swivels, and there are these little brushes on either side of the head that brush dirt and dust away from your baseboards. Not only is the Oreck powerful, but it’s also quite handy in how it works. The neck of the vacuum can drop down while still keeping the entire vacuum head on the ground. This allows you to vacuum under furniture that’s not flat against the ground. Hooray for a quick run under the table, beds, and entertainment center!! Plus there’s a HEPA filter, booyah!! Love healthier ways to clean.

The Best Way To Clean Stairs, Blinds, Ceiling Fans Etc…

Anything that is annoying to clean with a vacuum or duster just became so much easier. Your Power team comes with an awesome handheld device that is the bomb diggity.
  • telescoping extension wand
  • dusting brush
  • crevice tool, upholstery tool and large floor tool
  • 20 ft. power cord
  • 5-ft. slinky hose
  • two-setting shoulder strap for carrying by hand or over the shoulder
  • installed HEPA filter

The Vacuum That Will Teach Your Kids To Clean House

I’m not kiddin’. This vacuum glides along so easily it actually feels self propelled, aka-it’s easier for the little ones to use. AND, it’s only 7.7lbs. It’s seriously so light. Which makes it easy for you to carry it up and down stairs, and for your kiddos to haul into their rooms, which they will do because it’s so quick, easy and fun to use.

Enter to WIN!

So, now’s your chance to win your own Power Team and then scroll down to win another giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Instead of a Good Deal, How About Free!

Two weeks ago I posted about my absolute favorite food processor, The Magimix. This baby is worth over $500 and it is completely amazing. The giveaway should have ended today, but I went ahead and extended it until Midnight tonight so you all can have one more chance to win it! Enter HERE

*I was provided the Power Team by Oreck, but all opinions are my own.
Oreck Corporation provided the prize for the sweepstakes but is not the sponsor of the sweepstakes.

We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

Carrian Cheney

Lover of all things beautiful, good and delicious. Wife, mother, friend, foodie.

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  1. I am in fact thankful to the owner of this web site who has
    shared this fantastic post at at this place.

  2. Why visitors still make use of to read news papers when in this technological globe everything is available on web?

  3. could use itr, I have 4 dogs!!!!

  4. I learned that the Magnesium RS is the lightest, full-powered, swivel-steering upright vacuum cleaner in America!

  5. I like the The wireless two-speed QuickSwitch

    thank you so much for the chance to win!!

  6. Easy to use on different kinds of floors!

  7. I’m loving the heap filter and the switch on the handle to go from carpet to tile/hardwood!

  8. Carpet to hardwood…is this Heaven????

  9. I would love to have a vacuum that works like this one. Half our home is linoleum and the other half is carpet. Only 12lbs is awesome for going up and down stairs too. I keep getting vacuums that stop sucking after a few months and who can afford to spend hundreds on a vacuum especially on military pay.

  10. I like that the Oreck is lightweight. Especially when I have to lug it upstairs. Thanks!

  11. I love that it will go from different types of floor so easily!

  12. Wow! This thing is pretty high tech!!
    “The wireless two-speed QuickSwitch® in the handle enables you to select the right power levels and move smoothly across all floor types.”

  13. We’re thinking of getting a dog. Need I say more? A great vacuum would be so awesome!

  14. Sounds like a keeper. You’re very generous!

  15. I’m really liking this vacuum!! As someone with allergies, I love that the Oreck Magnesium RS comes equipt with a HEPA Inner Bag that captures 99.97% of particles.

  16. I love that you can vacuum under beds and couches.

  17. It can go from tile to carpet without having to manually adjust it–I need this vacuum!!

  18. I like that the Magnesium RS will transition easily from hardwood to carpet without any manual adjustments or changes.

  19. This looks like a dream vacuum!

  20. Lots of great info on the Oreck web site! I love the fact that this vacuum transitions from one surface to the next. And having the HEPA filter is awesome!

  21. Would love to own one !!!! On my wish list..

  22. I could totally use a new vacuum and love that this one is only 7.7 pounds!

  23. Love it!! Our vacuum is waaaay too heavy for my kids to use. Love the pivoting head and attachments. 😉 Your blog looks GREAT Carrian!!!

  24. It works on any surface even tile.

  25. I learned it has a 7-year warranty plus 5 annual tune-ups

  26. I learned that you can easily vacuum tiles with this! I’ve been looking for a vacuum that can do this!!

  27. I learned that it folds flat to get under beds and couches!

  28. I love that it only 7.7 pounds!

  29. I love everything about this vacuum- even the color! I learned from the website about the QuickSwitch on the handle- that’s a great idea! On our current (old!) vacuum you have to stop and lock it back upright before you can change the setting.

  30. It it lays virtually flat for easy cleaning under furniture. Perfect since I am pregnant and feel the need to move ALL furniture to clean under.

  31. That vaccuun looks great! I love how light it is!

  32. I would like a new vacuum—but my husband would LOVE one!

  33. love that it is lightweight and has a hepa filter

  34. Would love to win this!! Especially love the brushes that can get the baseboards!! Your website is delish 🙂

  35. I love that it’s sealed to lock in dirt and allergens. Great for my young kids!

  36. Oooo, nice new look on your site!

    The Oreck sounds like what I NEED! 🙂

  37. this sounds like just what we need! we’ve been looking for a good vacuum this size for the house.

  38. I’ve learned that the vacuum i’s so lightweight that carrying it upstairs is a cinch

  39. I’ve been looking for a new vacuum cleaner for a while…this may be the one we get even if we don’t win 🙂 I’ve been looking at the Neato ones that just roam around and vacuum for you, but I think I would miss the attachments and different ways of getting into the small spaces!

  40. Oh how I have been wanting a new vacuum! This looks amazing!

  41. This vacuum looks even more amazing than my Dyson. Would love to see how it keeps up with the messes my son, husband, and dogs make!

  42. I love the HEPA filter technology and also that it is so lightweight.

  43. There is a wireless two-speed QuickSwitch® in the handle which will allow you to select the right power levels and to move smoothly across all floor types from tile and hardwood, to rugs/carpet.

  44. I learned that it weighs only 7.7 lbs! The lightest upright sweeper in America!

  45. I need a new vacuum. Thanks for the great review! I'll have to look into that one.

  46. Other than being light weight, they have a built in Hepa filter and i love the long hose. I mean I love everything about it. My vacuum is going to die real soon and I need a new one, this is the best.
    [email protected]

  47. I love that it works on every surface!

  48. My Dyson just broke, and it would really nice to win this one. Larisa [email protected]

  49. I learned that it has the agility it needs for every surface, from hardwood and tile to plush and frieze carpet without stopping for manual adjustments.


  50. Great how powerful this vacuum is for only weighing 7 lbs and the HEPA filter is nice!

  51. So excited about this vacuum! Thanks for having amazing giveaways!

  52. I just bought a new vacuum, but I had to just say, amen! I feel so bad for all the retail workers who had to cut their Thanksgivings short this year to work the sale. So sad!

  53. Look at all these fun products you get to try out and give away… So jealous.

  54. I'm thinking I NEEEED this vacuum! Maybe then my stairs would get vacuumed!

  55. Um, LOVING that it's lightweight! I love our Dyson but daaang it's a monster. This looks so sleek and easy to use so I could simply transition from our carpeted living room to our tiled kitchen in a breeze! Plus, I'm secretly obsessed with vacuuming. A vacuumed house instantly makes me happy:)

  56. I love that the vacuum is furniture friendly. Since my husband insists that our super crappy vacuum is “just fine” even though it doesn't have wheels anymore, I would love a new vacuum…

  57. I would love a vacuum like this!

  58. I learned how light it is…and that my kids will be doing the vacuuming if I win this! HA!

  59. Love the versatile swiveling, suction for all my cat hair in the house and the lightweightness of the vacuum itself!

  60. I like its versatility with different types of flooring, light weight, and HEPA filter. Send me a sweet vacuum, Cariann!!!

  61. This comment has been removed by the author.

  62. I love that this vacuum has brushes for next to baseboards and such. Would save me from having to wand vacuum them every time I clean. And I love that it goes across different floor types without needing adjustment. You are absolutley amazing!

  63. Whoa. I'm in serious need of this baby. Awesome giveaway, Carrian!

  64. that looks like an amazing vacuum!

  65. This comment has been removed by the author.

  66. I learned that the vacuum is 600$. Would be nice to just win it.

  67. I learned that this vacuum is more than I could afford but it's gorgeous! and my current vacuum is 12 years old so this one looks especially nice!

  68. Love that it goes to different floor surfaces without having to adjust.

  69. I learned that the vacuum is 7 lbs! That would be awesome when I go up and down the stairs!!!

  70. I went to Oreck and learned that I not only do I need this vacuum but that steam cleaner too. *sigh* I do love cleaning machines…

  71. I like the two-speed switch and how light it is!

    Thanks for this giveaway!

  72. I love that it has a two-speed QuickSwitch in the handle. I get tired of bending down to switch power levels.

  73. It's really expensive! And it has a wireless switch on the handle which is awesome, and it adjusts to all flooring. LOVE.

  74. I learned from the Oreck website that you can use it on any time of floors. I can go from my hardwood floors in the hall to my living room carpet. This is a great vacuum. 🙂

  75. You have no idea how much I could use a new, good vacuum! This looks awesome!!

  76. we need a new vacuum too! I love the stair feature on this one! Stairs are a pain!

  77. We've been looking into new vacuums. I'll take it!

  78. Wow. Yes to this. I so need a new vacuum. Oh, and BTW, who the heck decided to spell vacuum with two U's? So weird.

  79. Maybe we would start vacuuming more if we had this sucker.

  80. I totally need a new vacuum. My old one won't even move on my new carpet, but I spent so much on it I don't want to buy another one.

  81. I sooo need a new vacuum! I love that it's light weight, wireless and has two speeds!!

  82. Would be a great gift for my wife! Love the blog Carrian!

  83. in NEED of this! Love the HEPA filter for sure!!

  84. The light weight sounds great to me!

  85. I love that it goes from tile to carpet, to hardwood without having to manually adjust it!

  86. Sounds like a perfect vacuum. I'd love to win it. Also, you little munchkins are adorable!