Oreo Biscoff Spread


creamy #oreo #biscoff spread that will knock your socks off! #recipe ohsweetbasil.com


I was going to save this post for my Mom’s birthday, April 8th, but I just can’t wait anymore. This oreo biscoff spread is totally meant for her. She’s an amazing woman with the biggest heart, and I just know that she would love this deliciousness. And it is just that, sweet deliciousness. Oh, and something sweet will be happening on Wed. so do come back. Hint: Anthropologie and a few others could be involved…


creamy #oreo #biscoff spread that will knock your socks off! #recipe ohsweetbasil.com


It may not be my mom’s birthday yet, but Easter is coming up, and a spoonful of this would only make your Easter celebration all the better. Plus, it’s super easy! Two ingredients is all that it takes, a jar of biscoff and oreos! Mr. Handsome thought I was going a bit overboard when I bought a package of oreos and wouldn’t let him have any. “I have to blend them!” I kept saying. And he would just look at me like, “you are going to ruin an oreo by blending it?!” And then in true Mr. Handsome fashion, he ended up loving it and insisting that everyone who came over try a little. HA! I win again!!!


toothfairy letter ohsweetbasil.com


And speaking of winning, I also won by marrying this man. Our little one lost her first tooth the other day. It was a really big deal at our house. She came bursting through the door after school, squealing and giggling. She smiled big and we all were celebrating/dancing in the kitchen. Later that night she wrote a letter to the tooth fairy. The husband found it first and I was downstairs on the computer (surprise, surprise). He brought the note down to me with a second letter, one he had written pretending to be the tooth fairy. I actually cried. I couldn’t believe how sweet he was, but more importantly I couldn’t believe our little one is old enough to be losing teeth. I just want to keep her little forever. My heart is aching that they are growing up lately. Am I crazy? I really don’t want them to grow up. I dread the day that magic is no longer believed in.


creamy #oreo #biscoff spread that will knock your socks off! #recipe ohsweetbasil.com


Anyway, the next morning she came bounding into our room, jumped on our bed, eyes wide with wonder and excitement, and proceeded to read us the letter from the toothfairy. Could anything be better than that? I love the pure joy that kids can feel. Gosh, I wish adults could be like that more. Just drop everything and be excited about the wonders of the world. We may know that magic is not real, but in a way there is magic everywhere. Even nature is amazing to go out and experience. I love kids. I love who they are and who they teach us to be.


creamy #oreo #biscoff spread that will knock your socks off! #recipe ohsweetbasil.com

Oh, and I love this. I love it on pancakes, and toast. I love it with bananas, and on a spoon. 😉 Oh, and just when you first blend it (it works best in a blendtec) it will be drippy and soft, but as it all settles down it will solidify like biscoff again. I could bathe in a jar of this spread.


Will Oreos Hurt a Dog?

Oreos aren’t recommended for dogs.

Chocolate is not good for dogs, and dogs shouldn’t have a lot of sugar.

If your dog just ate one or two oreos, you probably don’t need to worry.

There isn’t enough chocolate in a couple of oreos to cause real harm.


Can Dogs Eat Biscoff?

Biscoff is not harmful to dogs, although sugar is not really healthy for dogs.

So, it’s best not to feed biscoff to your dog.

Oreo Biscoff Spread

creamy #oreo #biscoff spread that will knock your socks off! #recipe ohsweetbasil.com
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Oreo Biscoff Spread

Prep Time1 min
Total Time1 min
Course: 100 Best Cookies Recipes on the Planet
Keyword: biscoff, dessert, oreo
Servings: 1 jar of Oreo Biscoff Spread
Author: Sweet Basil


  • 1 Jar Biscoff Spread
  • 16-18 Oreos


  • In the twister jar of a Blendtec Blender, or a regular blender add the Biscoff and Oreos.
  • Place the twister jar lid on and blend on low, slowly increasing to high speed and turning the lid/scrapers around in the jar to help everything combine.
  • Pour into a mason jar and enjoy!


If you don't have a blendtec and your blender isn't working as well, you could blend the oreos alone, and then use a hand held or kitchenaid mixer to blend to two together.
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34 comments on “Oreo Biscoff Spread”

  1. This sounds awesome! would love to make as hostess gifts this holiday season. would i need to refridgerate?

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  3. This Does Sound Amazing, But Where Do I Find Biscoff Spread?

  4. This spread looks amazing! and this is such a sweet post!

  5. Biscoff + oreos = dangerous! Love it! Putting these two on my grocery list as there is only half a jar left in the cabinet lol 🙂

  6. Girl this look sooo good! In my cookbook I made an Oreo + Nutella spread with PB, too. It was over a year ago that I made it but I still think about it! This reminds me of that sort of but with Biscoff. Oh yes!

  7. That is so sweet 😀 And this spread looks heavenly!

  8. WHAT!!! shut the front door… seriously who knew you could combine two great items into one!

  9. This looks serious amazing Carrian! I can’t wait to try it!!!!! Seriously.

  10. Oh, you had me at Biscoff! Love it!

  11. Just hand me a spoon and that jar!!! That sounds incredible!!! And what a sweet story…congrats on the first tooth!!! Keep the magic alive as long as you can!!!

  12. First of all – that note is too cute!! And this spread? I need some in my life asap!

  13. Can I just eat this with a spoon right now? Holy cow, looks amazing!

  14. That is SO sweet!!! Awww!!!! I remember all the fun with toothfairies and such when I was young 🙂

    AND OMG THIS SPREAD!!!!! What a brilliant idea, I would just eat the whole jar, 1 finger-full at a time 😉

  15. Woah. I need a spoon please!!!

  16. I’ve never tried any sort of Biscoff anything but now I’ll have to!

  17. What a brilliant idea, I love this! Happy early birthday to your sweet mom!! 🙂

  18. Okay, I thought a bad word when I first saw the title. A good bad word, as in, OMG I want this yesterday. 🙂

    And congrats on the first tooth! How exciting!

  19. This looks so delicious!!! I love biscoff spread and I love oreos…the combo=YUM!

  20. I love this story and I can’t wait to share the magic with my little one when she gets older.

  21. That is so sweet! I love how excited kids get when they loose a tooth! It’s such a big moment! Your husband is so sweet! I usually scribble left handed- I don’t know why I don’t just type my tooth fairy notes! I never thought of combining Biscoff and Oreos-but guess what I’ll be doing today!! I’m so excited!