Perfectly Perfect Picnic- Recipes and Giveaway


Perfect Picnic Recipes


Did you know that the month of July is National Picnic month? Whaaaaaaa?!!! Our sweet friends from J&H Photography took these beautiful photos so if you need an awesome photographer check them out (instagram as well, @heatherluczak. ) The whole time I have been sick the girls have been saying that when I’m all better they want to go on a real live picnic, a perfectly perfect picnic. I have absolutely no clue what put this into their minds, but I’m totally down with a lazy day of frisbee, picnic recipes and relaxation.


Perfect Picnic Recipes

And of course since Cade and I are all about sharing with our readers we thought we would tell you about our finds for a perfect picnic and a list of our favorite recipes to bring along PLUS a giveaway so one of you can take your loved ones out on your own adventure!


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First up, we discovered Humble Hilo which is an amazing brand that I’ll let them share their message, “Humble Hilo not only brings beautiful handmade and unique Guatemalan textiles to you, but we are also creating opportunities and changing lives. By buying our products, you are not only supporting families in need of employment, but a portion of EVERY item you buy will go back to directly benefit those in great need by supporting projects. YOU get to choose to support projects in child nutrition, education and literacy for women, and microfinance loans for women to start their own small business to help break the cycle of poverty and help create opportunities for themselves, their families, and their communities.” Pretty Darn amazing. The bag and the shoes I’ve been posting about on instagram are both from them and I can’t tell you how much I get asked where they are from.


Perfect Picnic Recipes


First, let’s review the basics because other than the food there are a few things you totally should bring along for a lovely day. We spent an entire month searching stores, websites and even flea markets for a picnic basket and you know what, they are hard to find! Especially if you want to have a picnic with more than two people. So, Wayfair was the secret to our success. I don’t know why that dang site has to be so awesome. I could spend gobs.


Perfect Picnic Recipes

And then to make it worse we found a fun Quilt (you guys, I wish I did but I don’t sew so gorgeous quilts have to be purchased at my house) and totally cool Portable BBQ that were must haves at Birch Lane.


Perfect Picnic Recipes


Oh my goodness, is the bbq not the best?! It’s totally easy to haul around and super, super stylin’ right?


Perfect Picnic Recipes


And this may seem silly but we even chose to make it a special day. We got dressed in comfortable but breezy clothes and spent the whole evening outside.


Perfect Picnic Recipes


My skirt and sweater are both from Shabby Apple. Their stuff is so classic and pretty, I just love it. And it doesn’t hurt that the husband snuggled up next to me and whispered that I looked beautiful. Is it silly that it totally gave me the butterflies? I can’t believe that after 10 years he can still do that to me. Though I’m convinced that taking the time to have special dates and getting all gussied up for each other helps keep things special.


Perfect Picnic Recipes


But enough of the gooey stuff… on to the food! I’ll be posting that wonton oriental chicken salad recipe soon, but in the meantime here are gobs of recipes that would be perfect for a picnic and keep an eye on our instagram (@ohsweetbasil) for more of our favorite photos that our darling friends at J&H (Luczak Photography) took.



The BEST and my most favorite lunch! Turkey BLT wrap


Turkey Bacon BLT Wrap

The BEST chicken salad recipe EVER!

Chicken Salad Croissants

healthier egg salad

Avocado Egg Salad

Honey Avocado Wrap

Honey Avocado Dressing for wraps


Tortilla Pinwheels

Mango Chicken Salad, actually it's more than that, it's the best dang dinner that everyone loves

Mango Chicken Salad (Also good served as a wrap)

The BEST salad with pomegranate raspberry dressing and lemon brown sugar almonds

Pomegranate Salad Dressing and the ULTIMATE Summer Salad

The BEST watermelon salad recipe we've made

Watermelon Salad

A favorite summer recipe! California Club Pasta Salad

California Club Pasta Salad

Cheesecake fruit salad that's creamy and dreamy perfection! ohsweetbasil.com_-2

Cheesecake Fruit Salad

Quick, #Easy #Fruit #Salsa #Recipe with our fave cinnamon sugar @tortillaland chips ohsweetbasil.com_-5

Fruit Salsa

Our famous cowboy caviar salsa!

Cowboy Caviar Salsa and Chips

This stuff is crazy addicting!! I'll be living off of it all winter long

Candied Nuts Snack Mix

Churro Chex, kind of the best snack ever.

Churro Chex Mix

something this easy should not be so addicting and delicious, cinnamon sugar pretzels

Cinnamon Sugar Pretzels

These are awesome!! m&m kudos copycat recipe

Peanut Butter M&M Kudos

s'mores munchies snack mix on

S’mores Munchies Mix

Tropical Fruit Yogurt Parfait for Oh Sweet Basil - the perfect breakfast or snack!

Tropical Fruit and Yogurt Parfaits

Even better than brownies cookies!

Better Than Brownies Cookies

cherry chocolate chip

Cherry Chocolate Chip Bars

These are amazing! Cinnamon Roll Apple Danishes that are ready in 15 minutes!

Cinnamon Roll Apple Danish

Strawberry Shortcake 

Lemon Meringue Cookies with a creamy raspberry cream cheese glaze and a hidden, gooey center that you will be begging for

Raspberry Lemon Meringue Marshmallow Cookies

Key Lime Cookies (1)

Key Lime Cookies

Lemon Curd Bars

Lemon Curd Bars

Triple Fudge Reese's Brownies! These were so easy to make and turned out perfect!

Triple Fudge Reese’s Brownies

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102 comments on “Perfectly Perfect Picnic- Recipes and Giveaway”

  1. A really, really good chicken salad with croissants. Mmm…

  2. I would bring personal pizza supplies!

  3. Deviled eggs, s’mores hand pies, watermelon (cut up already) and fried chicken!!

  4. I’d bring sourdough bread, salami, cheeses, fruit and homebaked goodies.

  5. One of my favorite dates with the now husband was a picnic to the park. Can’t be beat!

  6. I love picnics! I always follow the French and bring some fancy bread, cheese and fruit, usually grapes or strawberries. You posted so many amazing looking picnic recipes, I’ll have to branch out next time!

  7. Dont mind me, just drooling over here. Can’t wait to try some of these recipes! As simple as it is, watermelon and potato salad are a must for our family picnics

  8. I’m in love with that picnic blanket! And I can’t wait to try every wrap you just posted! They look scrumptious! I ? picnics. I would love to take my cute hubby on a romantic picnic. It’s would be amazing to just relax and snuggle, while we talk about whatever with no interruptions 🙂

  9. Love this giveaway. I would definitely pack a fruit salad and a dessert. Probably a wrap. You got me tempted to try some new things though. Your picnic looks perfect.

  10. On my perfect picnic I’d have crusty bread, some good salami and cheese, olives, wine and some tasty fruit for dessert.

  11. Grapes. Pickles. Roll-ups of any kind.

  12. Burgers and S’mores

  13. Sure do love your inspiring posts. They are definitely a go-to when looking for ideas. You look great in Shabby Apple!

  14. Love your recipes. My heart goes out to you being sick. The smell of food has to be terrible. The meat department at the grocery store always did me in when I was pg. wishing you the best?

  15. Thanks for all the picnic ideas – they all look amazing! My perfect picnic food is a cheese and meat platter and some kind of simple salad. Maybe right now a med broccoli salad?

  16. We love bringing chicken salad for our picnics!

  17. Cheese, crackers and wine!

  18. chicken salad croissants!

  19. Cookies, pie, rolls, and lemonade

  20. Assorted cheeses, grapes, crackers, salad and petite sandwiches.

  21. I would love to take a good pasta salad.

  22. We love fresh fruit and yummy meats and cheeses and a perfect picnic.

  23. I would bring ice tea, salsa, hummus, chips, and lots of tasty veggies.

  24. You are stunning! Absolutely beautiful. I would bring your cheesecake snickers salad, because, yes.


  26. Growing up a picnic wasn’t complete without the official picnic blanket and somebody taking a nap.. So most usually the tradition continues!! 😉

  27. Wow! Such beautiful pictures. I would love to win! I would bring my favorite Pressed Italian Sandwiches. So many of your recipes look so good too!

  28. Wayfair is dangerous. So much great stuff! !!

  29. I’d have to search up some fancy picnic food to match the fancy picnic stuff!

  30. would bring chhese fruit and cherries, love cherry season

  31. It’s just my husband and I so we loved to make chicken wraps.

  32. I would bring potato salad and pasta salad and a pressed grinder

  33. Our favorite to take is chicken Caesar wraps or sandwiches.

  34. I’d bring along my “kitchen sink pasta salad”. It’s been dubbed that because it began as a way to use up any leftover bits of veggies in the fridge – it’s simply a good pasta, Italian dressing, & whatever veggies you like! I also like to toss in cubed tofu or diced mock chicken (proud vegetarian here!). Everything but the kitchen sink! 🙂

  35. I would keep it simple for a yummy picnic. Good bread, cheese, ham, fruit and wine! And my hubby and kids 🙂

  36. I would bring chicken salad sandwiches, grapes, and pasta salad! Yummy! The last time we went on a picnic, we did a green theme for St. Patrick’s Day, but that was 3 years ago now. I’d say we are due for a family picnic! 🙂

  37. I would take some veggie sandwiches!! Yum!

  38. Some kind of fruit would be good like grapes or watermelon.

  39. A nice picnic at the beach with Italian sub sandwiches, potato salad and brownies!

  40. My boys love wraps, something different from boring ole sandwiches!! And definitely lots of fruit!! Love your grill, that would be so fun to make smores on!! All of your recipes look yummy, can’t wait to make all of them!!!

  41. we love goin on picnics……………lots of cheese…fruits..and of course something savory…grilled chicken…or even just hot dogs and or burgers…a reason to enjoy family and friends………..would so love the gift being given away…a wonderful way to help for a beautiful day

  42. I haven’t been on a picnic in years! It’s a great idea. As to what we’d take, well potato salad is a big hit with my family and a honeydew melon gets my vote.

  43. A baguette !

  44. Either at the beach or at the community park a few blocks from where i live!

  45. I would bring fresh Dungeness Crab, cooked and cleaned. I would present it on the table in majestic heaps of red claws and body pieces. There would be lemon butter or cocktail sauce with fresh horseradish for dipping. As the nut crackers broke the shells and everyone had the first bite of fresh crab, a silence would fall over the table. Everyone becomes vividly aware of the treasure they are eating for lunch! I would, of course, be wearing my new Shabby Apple Dress!

  46. My daughter has been asking and asking to go on a picnic! I think the wraps would be a great idea! The cheesecake fruit salad looks amazing as well!

  47. I just love fried chicken and potato salad so that’s what I’d bring along with sliced watermelon. Love your recipes! Saving them for sure!

  48. Wow, all your picnic food looks fabulous! I would bring potato salad made from an old family recipe on my picnic.

  49. To a picnic in the summer in Arizona? Have to bring the picnic to my house,a “staypicnic”??

  50. I would bring fruit, veggies and humus.

  51. my perfect picnic includes salami, cheese, a crunchy baguette and a nice bottle of wine!

  52. Love picnics❤️ The cherry brownies look so good and chicken salad is a favorite!

  53. Definitely smores!! 🙂

  54. Chicken pasta salad is the best on a picnic! And the New York Times chocolate chip cookies are the bomb! Love the website. Hope you are doing well!

  55. I would bring some homemade french bread with a fancy butter spread and a fabulous bottle of wine.

  56. My perfect picnic food depends on my mood – 1. any kind of a wrap or 2. chunky peanut butter sandwich with potato chips layered in the sandwich.

  57. Ham sandwiches on French bread.

  58. Potato salad, homemade. Every single time!

  59. I would bring a huge fruit salad to my perfect picnic! Loving all of your recipes and adding them to my list!

  60. My go to picnic food is spaghetti frittata, good at any temperature once its cooked. Sliced seedless watermelon, a few different salads and iced tea. Perfect picnic food!

  61. I like a cheese and cracker dish for starters.

  62. Thank you so much, a beautiful blog with wonderful picnic ideas!!! Love this!

  63. I would bring french rolls and shaved meats, fruit, and a nice bottle of wine.

  64. That Turkey Bacon BLT Wrap looks awesome. My favorite lunch is BLT wraps! I take all the ingredients separated to work, then when it’s time to eat, I break ’em out and build my BLT right there.
    That picnic looks awesome, hopefully you guys had a good day!

  65. I love a good picnic! Tortilla roll-up sandwiches, tortellini & artichoke salad & a yummy dessert.

  66. Fried chicken is my weakness and a great option – hot or cold.

  67. A picnic takes me back to my childhood so I would take fried chicken, potato salad, and watermelon for dessert!

  68. I’b bring those triple fudge Reese’s brownies of yours!

  69. That strawberry shortcake looks amazing!

  70. The old standbys for me…good crusty bread, cheese and fruit. I love picnics!

  71. I love salads for picnics!

  72. I would bring veggies and hummus dip, cheese sandwiches and fruit salad.

  73. Crusty bread, cold cuts, cheese, heirloom tomatoes, in season fruit and marinated veggies.

  74. Potato Salad, Chicken Ranch Wraps and No Bake Chocolate Oatmeal Bars!!!

  75. Tri color pasta salad

  76. This is such an awesome giveaway package!!! Love that picnic basket!!

  77. Hmm, fizzy drinks, watermelon, loaded sandwiches and don’t forget the chocolate!

  78. I don’t know how you do it. Being nauseous while cooking and posting pictures of food. That’s dedication there.

  79. We always have tortilla wraps and grapes with assorted salads and cheese and crackers.

  80. my perfect picnic should definitely have prosecco, great cheese and great bread!

  81. Fruit, dessert, and something savory

  82. My perfect picnic would have white wine, fresh fruit and yummy sandwiches.

  83. Fried Chicken, and potato salad!

  84. We take a picnic to the concerts in the park. I would take bread, cheese and fruit. And a dark chocolate for dessert.

  85. Thank you for the plethora of great picnic food ideas! I’ve already tried several of these, but I’ll be adding the others to my list. 🙂