How To Not Cry When Cutting Onions


How to avoid crying when slicing an onion


I don’t really cry that much when slicing onions, but occasionally I’ll get a super potent onion and these tips have really seemed to help lesson the tears.


How to Avoid Crying When Slicing and Onion


1. Use a very sharp knife. The sharper your knife, the less you will have to hack away at the onion and break down more of the cells.

2. Chew extra Minty Gum.

3. A sweet friend, Lisa Anderson, recently told me that she places a whole piece of bread in her mouth so that none of the onion hits her nose. I’d heard this one before, but never knew if it actually worked.

4. Purchase Onion Goggles. 😉


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33 comments on “How To Not Cry When Cutting Onions”

  1. I slice mine in half, rinse it under the tap and then cut as fast as is safely possible! I’ve heard one where you put a silver spoon in your mouth while cutting to stop your eyes watering – never heard whether or not it works though, probably just an old wives tale!

  2. Forget the bread, forget the goggles. Buy a couple of onions and keep them in the refrigerator. You won’t shed a tear when you cut them. Easy peasy!!!

  3. If you don’t want your eyes to water while cutting onions cut them under the hood of your stove with the vent turned on. It really works.

  4. Slice off the top of the onion and then peel it under running water. It’s not only easier to peel, it washes away some of the onion juices rendering the fumes less toxic.

  5. If you need chopped chopped onions and the size of dice doesn’t matter then cut the onion into quarters and put it in a blender, put in just enough water to cover and blend to desired size. Pour into strainer to drain and you’ll have chopped onions with no tears.

  6. If the size of the dice isn’t important and you just need chopped onions…cut the onion in quarters and put it in a blender, add just enough water to cover and blend to desired size. Pour into strainer to drain water and you’ll have chopped onions in a matter of seconds. Try it you’ll never have tears again.

  7. I cry like a baby when I cut onions, but find that when I cut a refrigerated onion, I don’t. Of course, I always forget to put my onions in the fridge unless it’s one I’ve already sliced into!

  8. Thanks for sharing your tips!

    A chef instructor of mine once told me that you should stick a big chunk of carrot between your teeth, forcing you to breathe through your mouth because inhaling the fumes through your nose is what makes you cry. Not sure about that one. It doesn’t work a lick for me, but I think I’m especially sensitive. It’s the worst!

    I have tried onion goggles, but unfortunately for me, there are gaping holes between the frames/foam “sealer” and my face (I’m asian). They have a sporty wraparound sunglasses shape to them.

    I suppose trying the bread couldn’t hurt. I’m just imagining the soggy bread ball that results, and how that might be fun to get out of your mouth. I can see my husband laughing at me :). It’d be nice to keep in my back pocket if it works, though!

  9. I’ve heard the chewing gum thing but never the bread-in-mouth thing or the onion goggles! And yet no matter what, I never do any of it when I actually go to chop onions and I cry like crazy. Some of us never learn, I guess. 😉

  10. I tend to run the onion under some really hot water and then slice my little heart out – it works wonders 🙂

  11. My mom and great aunt showed me a super trick, cut the onion in half, then let it sit in a cup of water for a few minutes. the water takes the sharp smell and eye-irritation out of onions! just dump the water, and chop away!

  12. I always do the bread thing and it totally works!

  13. I’ve threatened to buy myself some onion goggles, but I’m up against some big resistance from the rest of the family. They can’t realized how much it hurts!! 😉

  14. I never had trouble with peeling onions for years because I wore contacts. Then I had eye surgery so I didn’t need the contacts, and the onions would KILL my eyes. ONION GOGGLES are fantastic. I have used them ever since.

  15. Oh I cry like a baby! I throw on a pair of sunglasses, but I better get some onion goggles because they just aren’t cutting it! Love this post!

  16. I light a small candle nearby. No idea why it works but it does {for me at least}. Definitely going to try the gum trick…it sounds like a much simpler solution.

  17. Chewing gum sounds like a plan!

    • I’ve been told to wash the onion thoroughly and to be chewing something anything. Not quite sure if one works better than the other, I think they just help take my mind off the tearing up! Doesn’t always work but it helps! Have you ever tried the onion goggles? Are they any different than swimming goggles?

  18. love this post– going to chew gum next time

  19. hah this is great..I was just crying over an extremely potent onion last night! I’ll have to give these a try, thanks!

  20. I’m going to have to try your chewing gum trick!

  21. I wear my kids swim goggles if I am going to be cutting for a while!!! Works like a charm!