Silk Soy Milk Saves a Dragon

Silk taste maker challenge

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Earlier this month we had the opportunity to team up with Silk to try out their new flavors. The kids love how delicious it is and I asked if they could tell my readers just how delicious it is how would they do it? P immediately said she would tell a story about how Silk saves the day!

So, on her first appearance, with a story written 100% (grammatical errors corrected by me) by her, here’s her story!!

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Silk taste maker challenge

There once was a dragon named, Valcor. He is the color purple, with blue eyes, long wings that are strong, and rough scaly skin that sparkles in the sunlight. Valcor lives in the middle of the mountains in a secret hideout where no one has ever visited. It gets a little lonely for Valcor, up in that high mountain, but he knows that the witch would want to steal his magical powers if she could find him.

Valcor has the power to escape from cages by turning into smoke. He was just a little dragon when he was captured by the evil witch (she knew that dragon claws were also good for magic potions), but when he started to panic he suddenly turned into smoke and flew out of the cage. Since then the witch has wanted to capture him more than ever! Since then he has lived a lonely life in the mountains, flying around all by himself.

Silk taste maker challenge

One day, Valcor was flying through the air and spotted a yummy, purple cake sitting on the edge of a cliff. Valcor hadn’t had any cake since he was little, and it happened to be his favorite flavor. He quickly flew to the cake, opened his mouth wide, and snatched it off of the cliff. As Valcor was flying back to his cave, munching on the cake he suddenly started feeling so sick. Oh no!! This cake was a trap by the evil witch!!! He fell, tumbling through the air and landed on the ground by a little girl. He was feeling really yucky and could barely move. The little girl was so scared and started to cry. She had never seen a dragon before. But Valcor is actually really nice, so he told her to not be scared, but to please help him before the witch got him.

Silk taste maker challenge

(The captions say, “where’d he go? and He Escaped!)

The little girl said her name was, Reagan and she would help him. She knew of a magical drink that would push all of the poison out of his body. The little girl put the dragon in her wagon, covered him up with a blanket and pulled him back to the castle where she lived.

Silk taste maker challenge

Back at the castle, Reagan and Valcor went straight to the king. Reagan told the king all about Valcor and that he was a good dragon, and she wanted to help him. The king said that if Valcor would promise to protect the castle forever he would help him. Valcor said, “Yes!! If all of you will be my friends I’ll always protect you!” The king went behind a secret door, into a secret land and brought back out a creamy, white, delicious drink called, Silk Soy Milk. They had never heard of this drink before, and when the king and Reagan turned to give it to the dragon he was already falling into a deep sleep. They hurried and fed him the drink and Valcor immediately jumped up and flew all around the castle singing happy songs.


Everyone was friends forever, Silk Soy Milk had saved the day, and the Witch never captured Valcor. The end.

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10 comments on “Silk Soy Milk Saves a Dragon”

  1. That is seriously the cutest story!!! She did an awesome job on it!!!

  2. Cutest story EVER!!!

  3. We just heard from the doctor that we need to cut back on dairy and we’ve been experimenting with soy milk. I haven’t tried Silk yet, but I’ll have to give it a try now, you know, since it pushes all the poison out of the body 😉

  4. Wow, this is adorable 🙂 I love it!

  5. This is seriously too cute!!

  6. This is too cute!! She’s such a good little story teller! And super cute pictures. Good job P!

  7. She is awesome. What a cute little story. She would get along with my son, he wants to write stories when he grows up.

  8. So cute!! P did an awesome job. Loved this!