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Simple Sides

Hello~ My name is Megan, and Carrian asked me to do some guest blogging while she is busy getting to know and taking care of the newest member of her family. So, she thought it would be a good idea for me to introduce myself to all of you.I have known Carrian as long as I can remember. We grew up together in the same ward (church) and our parents were/are friends. Carri’s mother is a great cook, and I have fond memories of some of her notorious treats, like caramel brownies, sticky buns, and dutch oven cobbler. It’s no wonder the apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree.With that said, I am a stay at home mom who has happened to be fortunate enough to have collected some really great recipes over the years. Combined with a few gems from my childhood like my mom’s homemade spaghetti sauce, lasagna, and pies, I have an arsenal of recipes at hand. I enjoy cooking. My mother is porteguese and the joy of cooking, and more importantly watching those we feed enjoy our cooking, it’s in my blood. It seems like most of my good memories, including recent ones,all revolve around enjoying good food with good friends!

I have three children, Conner 5, Raelee 4, and Jackson 18 mos. So dinner has to be fast and easy. To me, the best recipes use simple ingredients, have simple instructions, and taste great. Enjoy everyday cooking for your everyday family!

Simple Sides

Lemon-Lime Jello
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Really different and really good. It’s creamy and delicious!
  • 1 large box lime jell-o
  • 1 large box lemon pudding, cook style
  1. Are you ready for this? It’s really complicated. Okay not really. You make the jell-o using the speed set method. Then cook the pudding, omitting the eggs.
  2. Pour the pudding into the jell-o and whisk it all together. Pour into a 9×13 and let set overnight.
If you want a smaller portion, use the smaller boxes of pudding and jell-o and pour into a loaf pan.

Well summer is here….or at least it is supposed to be here! For all of you who are here with me in the NW, I am thinking ahead! For the rest of you , enjoy your sun. I thought I would post some great simple sides to serve with all the BBQ’ing that we do in the summer. Enjoy!

This is a really quick, easy, and delicious pasta salad. We ate it as a side to a deep fried whole chicken. The next day I threw some leftover chicken in the salad and it made a delicious leftover dinner! Would be really good with a rotisserie chicken as well. As far as the measurements go, I just guessed what I put in. I generally just throw in as much as I want of each ingredient. This would be good if you added some chopped red bell pepper as well, and if you have picky eaters, replace the feta with diced cheddar cheese and serve the onion on the side.

Now this next one was brought to me by a friend after I had my third baby. It was SO refreshing and different. I love it. You have to plan ahead though, which is why I rarely make jello. I don’t plan ahead. But you definitely want to make this one the night before.

Lemon-Lime Jello

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Free Email Series Back to School?! Breakfast, Snack, and Easy Dinners for this Fall.