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So Perla & 6 Items Every Woman Should Own lime polka dot. My new favorite shirt and it fits perfectly!

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I am so picky about my clothes. First, I don’t want to spend gobs and gobs of money on my clothes. It’s not that I don’t like a cute outfit, it just seems silly to me when I could be spending that money on a fun vacation or something for someone else. But, my second thing is I also want my clothes to fit right and last. There’s nothing more annoying to me that an odd fitting shirt or pants and then you wash it once and the darn thing is already fading or falling apart. Cannot stand that! And of course like every other woman, I want it to be cute and different. I could care less (in fact I think it’s kind of fun) if we show up in the same thing, but I LOVE it when it’s something fun and not every woman at the grocery store is wearing the same thing. So, I’ve found my new favorite place to buy clothes (seriously, my whole closet is practically from here) and I wanted to introduce you all to So Perla & 6 Items Every Woman Should Own.

6 items every woman should own

Did you see my instagram (@ohsweetbasil) giveaway last month for So Perla? It was so much fun and I can’t wait to tell you more. I was searching and searching for cute clothes when I stumbled onto So Perla. I immediately wrote them to find out their story and here’s what I found out from Kaeli…6 items every woman should own

My husband and I started So Perla while he was going to school. We have always had a desire to start our own clothing company so when the opportunity presented itself we jumped at the chance! We tried for days to come up with a name, and finally my husband came up with So Perla. It means The Only Pearl, we liked the sound and meaning so we went with it 🙂 At So Perla we try to offer unique style at an affordable price. We pride ourselves in customer service and quick shipping and do our best to make sure each customer is happy, because after all the customers are who drive our business. “

6 items every woman should own

But seriously you guys, they were amazing with customer service. Everything was shipped super fast and I had even asked Kaeli’s advice for my shrimpy frame and she sent this dress and top. At first I was a little hesitant as I tend to not really do many patterns but these two are the items I get ridiculous amounts of compliments on  and they fit amazing. Like the dress for example, you can’t tell as well from the pictures, but you guys it hangs like every maxi dress should and it fits so darn well!!! I seriously could live in it and I cannot even tell you how much I get stopped and complimented on it. (the darling Hana and I at lunch)

And in case you were wondering why I chose the items I chose, here’s a list!

6 items every woman should own

1. Beaded Collar Top– This is a big one on my list so it’s number 1 for a reason. I tend to be really casual (women that are perfectly dressed and accessorized aren’t my thing. I want my girls to know clothes and jewelry don’t make them beautiful), but I’m a big believer that everyone should get dressed up and go have a night out every now and again. BUT! It’s hard to find pretty tops that fit will and don’t cost gobs. This top is my new favorite. I have the pink but I’m dying to get the white now!

6 items every woman should own

2. Aztec Top– I love tops that can be dressed up or down and that kind of give a little shout to warm weather and relaxing days. This top is something I’d totally wear if I was casually eating lunch on some amazing vacation in Greece or something, so wearing it here just helps me feel all awesome.

3. Awning Skirt– This one is much like the others. A skirt that is so cute with an easy, casual top and perfect for summer, or dress it up and add a little jewelry. Plus it’s longer which I’m so over only minis being sold in the summer. lime polka dot. My new favorite shirt and it fits perfectly! 6 items every woman should own

4. Polka Dot Shirt– Another favorite top! The sleeves are flattering, the cut is cute and it’s so light and airy for summer with a print on it. I’ve looked and looked for light, airy shirts but they all are a solid color. That’s great but a fun print is never a bad thing!

5. Multi Print Maxi– Listen, if there’s only one dress you buy all year let it be this one. I was so hesitant but like I said, I cannot believe how beautifully it hangs! It’s so flattering on and I just cannot say that enough!

6. Sporty Button Hoodie– I know, not the norm for summer, but we occasionally have stormy days or cooler evenings up in the mountains or at the beach and I wanted something still pretty but snuggly and this sweater is my favorite. It’s crazy soft inside and everyone always wants to know where I got it.

So! That’s it! Those are my favorites but even as I say that I am noticing that they are loading more on the site! Gah! I need to own everything. Bookmark it and shop all year or be like me and fill up your shopping cart now. They fit well and they are soooo much better priced! Booyah baby!!

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  • I love the green polk a dot shirt! Also I love your jeans you are wearing in that picture, where are they from? Thank you!

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  • I agree and pair them all up with a nice pair of sandal’s and a pair of open toe kitten heel’s and you are set. Love the selection!

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    • Exactly! So cute!

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