I have really started to enjoy grape tomatoes. I used to hate them, but at the end of my second pregnancy they started to taste good to me. And because of this new love I needed to find the easiest and quickest way to slice tomatoes. Same with slicing grapes. It takes forever. Or at least it used to.
This method makes recipes like, easy green salad with garlic dill dressing, and the best chicken salad recipe ever, so stinking easy.
First grab two tupperware lids (notice in the photo that I accidentally had my lids the wrong way so the bottom one created a dish instead of a flat surface for cutting.), and lay them open. Place the grape tomatoes or grapes on one lid and cover with the other lid. Sometimes I use the cutting board as the bottom, but because there isn’t a lip to hold them all in place they can tend to slide around more.
Slice through the two lids in a cutting back and forth motion to slice through all of the fruits or veggies.

And ta da!!!! Isn’t that so easy??
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