We recently took another trip to Disneyland and we’ve got the ultimate list for what to take to Disneyland that your best friend should have told you.

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Alright, here’s the thing, you’ve been told so many things to take to Disneyland, buttons for trading, granola bars for snacking, bandaids for whatever, but what you really need is a new list, in fact you need the ultimate list for what to take to Disneyland.

The Ultimate List for What to Take to Disneyland

Traveling and planning on doing a lot of walking and sightseeing? Make sure you pack a pair of Sperry Gold Cup Boat shoes for him and Huaraches for her. Best shoes for traveling that wont give you aching feet or blisters. ohsweetbasil.com

What Shoes are Best for Disneyland?

I’m sticking to my story for adults, the best shoes for Disneyland for men and women are Sperry Gold Cup. I wear the huaraches while Cade wears the boat shoes. We are obsessed and we are sure that you will be too. Buy one pair, they last forever and I guarantee you wont have aching feet.

I’ll add, we’ve worn flip flops, sandals, running shoes, Converse and just about every other shoe and none compare.

What shoes are the best shoes for kids at disneyland? Native shoes! ohsweetbasil.com

What shoes are best for kids in Disneyland? I have a new one for this. Native shoes for kids are our new favorite. No rubbing, no stinky sweaty feet (don’t deny it, your littles get stinky toes in that hot sun) and best of all, they can get wet, dirty or spilled on and you’ll be just fine. They easily clean and dry and there are no ties to continually be bending over. They come in all sizes, so get on it.

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(Exactly one hour later he threw up down my back. #winning!)

Should I pack Sweaters for Disneyland?

Absolutely. No matter how hot it gets outside during the day it’s definitely going to drop in the evening. Even in June we needed light zip ups once it got dark. The lighter they are the easier to stuff into strollers.

Want to know the secret to happy kids standing in line at Disneyland? Check this out! ohsweetbasil.com

Keep Breath Mints in Your Purse

I’m going to promise you right now that at some point, unless you’re there in the winter and it’s raining, your kids are going to get hot and tired in those lines. The secret to keeping kids happy in line at Disneyland is breath mints. It wont give them a bellyache like candy, won’t make them have to go to the bathroom 100 more times, and that cooling sensation will help them feel more cool.

We take the big ones and tell them they can only suck on it and not chew it to keep it going for longer. Gum is a no go at Disneyland so don’t try to sub it.

Will We Need Sunscreen at Disneyland?

Yes and no. Most of the time we actually don’t end up needing it, but I carry a very little sunscreen stick that I buy in the travel section of the store just for noses and foreheads and maybe a little under the eyes for those of us with chipmunk cheeks. 😉

Bring Bandaids and Moleskin

I carry only 2-3 bandaids with me. Even if my kids doesn’t trip and fall someone else’s does and I’m happy to give up one. However moleskin is a must for me. At some point in time there’s a kid next to us crying about blisters and bandaids just wont cut it.

Because we wear the above shoes we haven’t dealt with blisters the past two times, but if you aren’t wearing those shoes you’ll want it, but make sure you buy this Dr Scholl’s Moleskin as it’s in strips.

Hydro Flask

Carry a Hydroflask

We’ve now done Disney with and without our own water bottles and if you have a purse, bag or stroller with you this really is a must. Carry a hydro flask , that one is our favorite as it comes with the straw lid. I am not a fan of open mouth water bottles. This Hydro Flask will keep even your ice solid and water cold all day long. You’re going to want to stay hydrated and buying flimsy water bottles all over the park is just a hassle and gets expensive.


Pack a Few Snacks

Every time we’ve gone to Disneyland we’ve tried different foods, eating only what we brought and buying snacks instead of meals, vice versa, a combination of both, or only eating food we buy in the park. I thought the latter would be easiest but it’s actually not.

Pack a few snacks so that you can eat something healthier and easy without wasting time looking for something the kids want or that isn’t a disaster (I’m looking at you cotton candy and popsicles).

We bring granola or protein bars, little bags of grapes or dried fruits and trail mixes.

Trust me, as much as you want those corn dogs and churros you will be tired of so much fried food and missing out on rides in order to hunt down a snack for the kids.

Wet Wipes in Travel Sizes

Just a tiny package of wet wipes is going to save your life with sticky hands and faces, spilled whatever, runny noses, and anything else that can happen.

Don't forget to pack this anker external charger if you're headed to Disneyland or you'll have a dead phone and no pictures! ohsweetbasil.com

The BEST External Charger for Phones

Finally, don’t forget the best portable power charger for phones, an Anker. We use ours all the time and it lasts forever. It keeps the most charge out of anything we’ve ever used and trust me, as bloggers who need to pop onto social media all the time, we know what we are talking about.

This is a heavy charger so don’t be put off by that. It really is worth it, I promise. Disneyland will suck your battery dry like you’ve never seen before and it’s not just that you are taking photos. It’s something to do with all of those people using the towers, or data, or something smart like that. Trust me, you are going to need to charge your phone in order to reach your loved ones if you’re in different places and to keep taking pictures. Get your Anker now.

It's a small world ride at Disneyland ohsweetbasil.com

Ditch the Selfie Sticks

Can you even believe I just said that? I know a lot of you are all about the SS, but this is one place they aren’t accepted so just ditch them. Yup, that means that even in the ride, It’s a Small World you’re going to have to stretch that arm out.

That’s it, that is literally all that you need to pack for Disneyland. Anything else really is just a waste of space. Hope you printed The Ultimate List for What to Take to Disneyland, and please leave your comments below in case you have tips for fellow travelers!