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Tillamookies and the Clark Planetarium

New Tillamookies ice cream sandwiches !

Alright, I will probably be far more excited about this post than anyone else, but that’s ok by me. I always think that one day I’ll print this blog off into the biggest cookbook and memory book ever, so if that ever happens (how would I ever even make that happen?!) I want to make sure I’ve got this in there. We got the sweetest email from our friends at Tillamook about the new Tillamookies and the Clark Planetarium and the more we got chatting the bigger this whole thing became.

New Tillamookies ice cream sandwiches !

I’m confusing you aren’t I? Ok, here’s the deal, growing up our family was all about camping or the coast. Later Cabo San Lucas got thrown in there too, but that’s another story. Our family loved vacationing, especially when it involved Tillamook. Mom and Dad would tell us to all get ready because we were going to head out to OMSI, which was always full of such amazing activities and shows and then off to the coast to spend the weekend on the beach, touring Tillamook and chowing down on cheese curds and ice cream. Not. Together. Gross.


I cannot even tell you how smart my parents are. Getting away together as a family created such wonderful memories that we still love to reminisce about today. Like that time my sister didn’t shave her legs before going to the pool and my 14 year old self almost died of embarrassment. Gross. Again.

clark planetarium

Now I’m the mom and I decided to recreate our little adventures. Unfortunately, Utah does not have a coast to hang out on and heaven knows we are not going to camp at this time of year, it could still snow, but we could at least head out to our planetarium and then enjoy Tillamookies together! Our 8 year old has become totally fascinated by science and especially space (do NOT bring up black holes. Those terrify her) which Cade and I are actually having so much fun learning right along with her.


Our trip to the planetarium was so much fun. And the Tillamookies after were just as awesome! I cannot emphasize enough that you should get out and do something new with your kids. Not just a vacation on the beach or shopping, but do something that helps them learn or try new things. And speaking of new things, I am so excited to let you in on a really big announcement from Tillamook! They are starting an online Co-Op! I stinking love this brand. Last year I got to visit and I loved just how much they still care about every individual consumer and product. Anyway, here’s the scoop!


The Tillamook Co-Op will live on and will invite fans to become partners with us and help make Tillamook a better company. It will allow all of you to come closer to the source of their food, and empower you to be evangelists for their products and values. The Tillamook Co-Op will live online, but will provide members with exclusive online and real-life experiences.

Co-Op Member Benefits::

*It’s Free!

*As a Tillamook Co-Op member you will have access to exclusive online content and real life experiences including:

**Invitation to the Tillamook Co-Op Annual Member Meeting

**Access to exclusive Co-Op member chef dinners and events

**Access to new products and special offers

**The opportunity to vote and share suggestions on new products and

**The opportunity to support artisans & entrepreneurs who are contributing

**The chance to name a Tillamook County cow

And! They are working on their first event in Los Angeles! Details are soon to come, but I’m totally wishing I lived there and could attend. You guys, this is kind of huge! I love this brand and how they want their consumers involved so much.

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Free Email Series Family Favorite Grilling Recipes for This Summer

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  • How come every post you put a recipe on except this one??? I don’t give a flip about the Clarke Planetarium I want the cookie recipe!!!! The recipes are the ONLY reason I subscribe (scratch that, subscribeD) to your emails!!!!!

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  • We love Tillamook, the city, the factory, the cheese, the butter and especially the ice-cream. My husband told me when he dies he would like his ashes scattered near the ice-cream area of the Tillamook factory. Don’t tell their security.

    • Reply
    • Lisa, no way! Haha, it will be our little secret. 😉

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  • I love oregon, we are living hour and Half south of Portland right now. Where can you buy the tillamookies they look amazing.

    • Reply
    • Hi Sadie, most grocery stores are carrying them now! You can check at Walmart, Albertsons and other major stores. Man I miss the PNW!

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  • I lived in Oregon for 17 years. I am going to visit there this year with my youngest child. I cannot wait to take him to the Tillamook Cheese Factory and other places near Portland.

    • Reply
    • Don’t you just love that area? It’s so fun and beautiful

      • Reply
  • Thanks for the memories and the great news! I also grew up going to OMSI and the Oregon coast, and shared these experiences with my daughter. It’s a little hard to do now from my home in Arizona, but they sell Tillamookies just up the street. Yeah – they’re on my shopping list.

    • Reply
    • I’m sure Arizona is such nice weather compared to how cold it is here, but boy do I miss that rain sometimes. Hope you love the tillamookies!

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  • Love everything about this post! Brings back my own memories of those places. 🙂

    • Reply
    • Thanks Angela!

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  • These look delicious! I am so happy ice cream season has arrived!!!

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  • These remind of a family favorite that my mother used to make.

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    • I wish my mother had made these!

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  • Carrian, what beautiful photos! Your daughter’s cute little smile made my Monday morning. 🙂 Thanks as always for your ongoing support! Hope we get to see you up here in Tillamook soon.

    All my best,
    Katie of the Tillamook team

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    • Hey Katie! Thank you so much for the sweet words. We are hoping to get the family out there to show the girls everything, maybe end of summer!

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  • how fun!!!!

    and omg I just want tillamookies in my life!

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    • Trust me, they are amazing!

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Free Email Series Family Favorite Grilling Recipes for This Summer