Top 4 Places in Ogden, Utah

We recently had a little trip up to Ogden, Utah to go through the open house of the newly remodeled LDS temple, which is just stunning! If you haven’t been you should go and walk through it. What a lovely transformation. Anyway, we ended up going back to visit the best venues in Ogden and while I didn’t have to post about any of it (the hotel we stayed at just wanted places to recommend to travelers.) I just have to tell you about them because it was so fun we are actually dying to go back to Ogden. So, in no particular order, Top 4 Places in Ogden, Utah.

Top 4 places in Ogden, Utah

1. Sonora Grill~So far this is the best Mexican we have ever had, and we have had a lot, like a lot. It wasn’t just about the great recipes, but the atmosphere, the staff, the fresh ingredients and then yes, the recipes really are incredible. Want to know our favorites?

*Guacamole Trio (can’t wait to hear which is your favorite.)

*Carnitas Nortenas (literally the best I’ve ever had and I order them everywhere)

*Chile Rellenos (mercy)

*Chicken Chilaquiles

Top 4 places in Ogden, Utah

2. IFly~ I cannot believe that not only did I do this, but even our barely 4 year old did too!! It simulates sky diving and it’s AMAZING!!! We cannot say enough good things!!!! They were so kind, so professional, but so much fun!!

Top 4 places in Ogden, Utah

3. Sandy’s~ Oh, Sandy’s. How can you not love a place that’s been around for 38 years and owned by the same sweet family? We popped in for breakfast and holy deliciousness! Our favorites?

*Omelet with american, tomatoes and sausage

*French toast and their house syrup


Top 4 places in Ogden, Utah

4. Treehouse Museum~ Oh, how we hope that one day we get to visit again. We only had about 40 minutes before closing so we really had to hurry, but WOW!! This place is just darling! The different areas are so well done that I was just as entertained as the kids which let’s be honest, many children’s attractions aren’t as intriguing for the parents, but we just love this place!



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