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Top Recipes of 2013

Top 10 recipes of 2013!

It’s that time of the year again, time to reflect on the past year. I always love seeing what performed the absolute best and every year I am totally surprised at what ends up making the list. Yesterday on Facebook I posted links to all of my personal favorites (sometimes one of these did make the list, but I left it off since I’d be linking up to it today). So if you missed that make sure you go like my page and scroll through the posts on my wall to pin anything that looks delicious to you.

And now, drumroll please, working our way to the number one spot for the top recipes of 2013…

  Funeral Potatoes

10. Funeral Potatoes:

I know, not the coolest name, or photo for that matter, but these cheesy potato casserole is a huge hit on the site and I can’t blame anyone, they are so addicting!

Want the perfect recipe for pepperoni Pizza that tastes as good as your favorite takeout or delivery

9. Perfect Pepperoni Pizza

We worked long and hard on this one and the results have been fantastic. We all have tried different pizza recipes at home and had them fail, which is so frustrating. We took the time to test out gobs of brands and have given you not only an awesome recipe but exactly what products and brands to use to make the perfect pizza at home.

Reese's Crumble

8. Reese’s Crumble

An old favorite at our house! It’s a bar recipe with a crumbly, buttery crust and topping and stuffed full of chocolate and the real star, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups! I cannot tell you how many friends, family and readers tell me that this is their favorite dessert ever!

This is our favorite pizza sauce recipe. It's quick easy, and has a secret #ingredient that puts it over the top.

7. Pizza Sauce

Well there isn’t really any surprise here, if the pepperoni pizza performed so well of course the pizza sauce had to be up there too. In fact, this is the recipe that while it’s numbers didn’t take the number 1 spot it is the one that I’ve gotten the most emails about telling me how awesome the sauce turned out. And if you’re one of those that has made it before, please make it again because I changed something and trust me, it’s even more awesome!

Strawberry Cucumber Salad with a light honey balsamic dressing that's perfect for warm summery nights

6. Strawberry Cucumber Salad

This recipe is not only delicious it’s also beautiful even though it’s crazy easy. Which in my opinion means that it’s the perfect salad to make all summer long. Your family will love it, it comes together quickly and it will impress your guests at all of those summer potlucks and BBQ’s.

I mean, who can really resist crunchy, juicy fried chicken- ohsweetbasil.com_-4

5. Southern Fried Chicken

Eeeek!! I was hoping that this recipe would make the list! It. Is. Awesome!! The chicken is double dipped in it’s flour mixture and fried to golden, crunchy perfection! And just look at how juicy that chicken is!

Grilled Cheese Bites for the perfect afterschool #snack

4. Grilled Cheese Bites

Kids come home from school famished! Or at least that’s how mine acts. I couldn’t fight this one because I too remember being so hungry after school. Instead I decided to embrace it by making these grilled cheese bites that come together quickly and they are warm and gooey which kiddos (and adults) love!

Tender, juicy shredded beef that takes only #3 #ingredients

3. How to Make Tender Shredded Beef

I really wasn’t surprised that this one made the list either. Everyone needs a really easy shredded beef recipe for the crock pot (or slow cooker). If you don’t have the vinegar recommended you can always sub a different kind, but either way you’ll love this recipe and all of the easy recipes you can make with the leftovers. And don’t worry, if you’d rather have pork we have an awesome shredded pork recipe too.

busy day

2. Busy Day Casserole

I’m actually a little embarrassed of this one. Sorry, I just look at that awful picture and cringe a little. The recipe itself was a sure hit though. This was my favorite recipe as a little kid and even now there’s something super comforting about it. It’s been a HUGE hit on the site and I cannot wait to start sharing the other recipes I’ve based off of this one, and yes, they will be without can of anything soup. 😉

reese's krispies

1. Reese’s Krispies

I’m seriously shocked that this one was number 1 again! It’s never going to move off of my number one spot on the blog! They are so delicious and unbelievably addicting and so I guess it really shouldn’t be any surprise at all.

I’d loooove to hear what your favorite recipe from my site was and again, don’t forget to hop over to facebook to see my favorite recipes from the year!

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