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Tricks to NOT Gain Weight Traveling

tricks to not gain weight while traveling

We’ve been doing a lot of traveling lately and I don’t care how strict or awesome you are with fitness at home, traveling really messes with things. Even if you aren’t tempted by fast food (I’m not either unless it’s JCW’s hot french fries) your schedule is still different and you are coming and going a lot, a lot, a lot which messes with your meals and snacking. Not to mention eating out at new places tends to make me want to scratch healthy eating and just go to town. BUT! While you may not have an opportunity to work out with Bob Harper while traveling (it was amazing) I’ve learned a few tricks to NOT gain weight traveling.

tricks to not gain weight while traveling

1. Always Carry Snacks and Water~

ALWAYS. Flying makes this a bit ridiculous, but I’ll either buy a water after security or bring an empty water bottle, but either way make it happen. Staying hydrated keeps you from snacking when you’re really thirsty and it also helps you to feel more awake and alert which battles the need for sugars. Good snacks are another must. I always have snacks with me while I travel. For one thing, you never know what will end up happening so it’s smart to be prepared but you also don’t want to end up so hungry that you make poor decisions on food when you finally can eat. I prefer to travel with almonds or granola and protein bars like, Quest. Quest bars are crazy delicious and come in gobs of fantastic flavors like cookies and cream, apple pie, peanut butter and soooo many more. They are very filling and in a good way.

2.Plan at Least a Little~

I don’t like having my vacation totally planned out as I like to relax and go with the flow, but not having any plan runs a major risk for skipping meals, eating late, eating too little followed by too much and not getting in a little physical activity. Know what you want to do at the beginning of each day so that you know when to get up and get a work out in. Even 15-20 minutes of exercise is better than nothing at all and mentally you’ll be more likely to make better nutrition choices since you started your day in a healthy way. Also, try to locate restaurants and activities that you can walk to or ride public transportation to so you get moving during the day. This will also help you to figure out where you will be eating so you aren’t wasting time trying to find dinner and don’t end up eating until late. Plus, by then you’ll be so hungry you’ll order and eat more than you should have.

workouts and nutrition while traveling tricks to not gain weight while traveling

3. Speaking of Working Out~

Have you heard of BodeeFit? IT. IS. AWESOME!!! You can get it for FREE and it’s from Windows. You guys, it covers everything from health and wellness, nutrition, tracking your foods, workouts to even how your body is changing. And in case you didn’t catch that, it’s FREE!!!! It is literally the best decision you can make while traveling because it tracks what you’ve been eating and what kind of workouts you need to be doing to burn enough calories to stay on track. But in case you are being more relaxed with your nutrition you can at least wake up and get on Bodeefit to do a workout. I love that you it’s all provided right there for you so you aren’t slacking even when there isn’t a gym where you are staying.

4. Give Yourself  a Break~

Lastly, give yourself a break. If you’re stressing too much about having french toast instead of egg whites or staying up too late you really are going to gain weight because that’s what stress does to us. Instead, let yourself relax. Get better sleep, take a long walk and forgive yourself of anything you’ve been holding on to so that when you get home you can just start fresh and get back on track without worrying about set backs.

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  • I’ve not heard of Bodeefit but I’ll definately check it out! You always need to be aware of your health when travelling. Always carrying water is a big thing for me. I always get more dehydrated when travelling anyway so I won’t go anywhere without a bottle. I also think indulgence is important. Local cuisine is such a big part of experiencing new culture. Wanting to e healthy shouldn’t hold you back. Just eat conciously: have an ice cream, eat fried food, just make sure you stop eating when you’re not hungry any more and don’t overindulge every night!

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    • Exactly!!

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