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Today is a day to go over some of my favorite things. There are recipes, a favorite for accessories and of course a good deal. Let’s start off with the good deal.

greg olsen artwork discount code

I have loved Greg Olsen artwork for as long as I can remember. He is ridiculously talented, but more importantly his artwork makes me feel something. I love that you can purchase a piece for your home that is as simple as little ones playing in the crisp, colorful leaves and you’re instantly feeling the cool air, the smell of fall and the excitement of children building the best leaf pile ever, to a picture of Christ caring for a little one or watching over all the Earth. In fact, if you go look for it there’s a picture of Christ with little birds and I love that reminder that if He cares for even the smallest of creatures surely He is watching over us.

Greg Olsen is doing an overhaul on his site which goes live later today. Tomorrow, here in Salt Lake City he will be holding a sidewalk sale to clean out the artwork. It will be located at Anchor 3PL Warehouse
2507 S 300 W SLC, UT 84115 but even better, for tomorrow only he is offering a killer deal to Sweet Basil readers. Instead of the normal 10% off he is offering all of you 25% off if you use the code, sweetbasil13 at checkout. Seriously, this is your chance to buy a beautiful piece for a gift this year or for your own home. Don’t forget!!

I'm obsesed with mango and this dessert was seriously incredible! Especially that macadamia nut crust! Plus, it's actually really easy! ohsweetbasil.com_

Frozen Mango Dessert Recipe Here

We loooove mango at our house, even the little ones and this frozen mango dessert that we posted years ago from Martha Stewart is amazing. It’s morning as I’m writing this and I already wish I was nibbling on it as I type. Seriously, you must make it to understand. There’s a light, crisp macadamia nut crust below a creamy, fluffy mango deliciousness. I mean, it is seriously wonderful. The pictures were not so wonderful, however. I’ve been taking the time to update a few of our favorites so you’ll want to scroll through the next two recipes too. And if you end summer without at least making the salad, well we aren’t friends anymore. 😉

I'm obsesed with mango and this dessert was seriously incredible! Especially that macadamia nut crust! Plus, it's actually really easy! ohsweetbasil.com_

Reese’s Crumble Bars For the Recipe

I’m not sure what it is about Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups that make them so heavenly, but I absolutely cannot turn them down. Ever. it’s just chocolate and peanut butter for heaven’s sake, but ohhhhh it’s so much more than that!!

I mean, can you really tell me that if you saw a big bowl full of these things that you wouldn’t want to dive right in? The worst part is that I could be stuffed to the top, ad if someone handed me one I’d still have to devour it. I mean, that’s just sad to have no self control isn’t it?  I try to resist. Especially since there’s nothing healthy about these things, but then I find myself back at the pan, fork in hand taking little bites. I mean, I have to straighten out the edges right? And then there was a big chunk of peanut butter cup sticking out so I had to snag that right? Oh the sad little addiction that I have. And even as I write this I know that I’m probably going to make another this week. And the next…

Our favorite #salad #recipe ever! It seems so simple but then when you get that perfect bite with spinach, berry, and brown sugar almonds with a light lemon dressing, good mercy! ohsweetbasil.com_

My cousin gave me this recipe years ago and it is still hands down our most favorite salad ever. EV-ER. It’s super simple so I’m sure that throws ya a little, but trust this girl, it’s perfection. We will even spend the extra money during the winter to make it. You don’t have to do blackberries and strawberries either. We love it with strawberries and mandarin oranges, raspberries, you name it. It’s fantastic and the dressing it’s pure gold. You’ll be licking dressing from the bowl for the first time in your life. Oh gosh, and before I forget, there’s brown sugar almonds in there. Yeah. Get on it ladies and gentlemen.

Get the recipe for Lemon Berry Salad Here.


And since we were talking about one of our favorite things I have to mention where we’ve been getting our iphone cases, Society 6. It’s one of our new favorite online shops and I pretty much dare you not to love it too.

Society 6 is pretty much a gathering place for awesome artists and you can buy through the site and they will ship directly to you. You can get awesome, original iphone cases, shirts, art prints, etc. We loooove it.


I kind of want this one for next winter. Sparkly… Yes, it’s the iphone covers I love the most. I want one for every season. And there’s one that always reminds me of the Domestic Rebel. I wonder if anyone could find it and guess.

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Free Email Series Family Favorite Grilling Recipes for This Summer