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Wasatch Back

Wasatch Back ragnar

We interrupt this program, errr food blog to talk about something we love and we think you should too. Every year we have an awesome team that runs the Wasatch Back Ragnar. It’s a two day relay race that a whole team takes on together running clear through the night. It’s awesome and such an experience. We’ve decided that the Ragnar is perfect for anyone regardless of their athletic training. It’s the perfect way to motivate yourself to get healthy. Not only do you have a goal to work towards, concentrate on and motivate you, but you also have an entire time that wants to you to succeed. It’s a recipe for success.

Here’s the thing though, it doesn’t just have to be the Ragnar race, it could be any race that you sign up for with a group of friends. Either way it’s a great way to work towards a healthier you. And if you do happen to sign up for Ragnar with a group of your friends, well first plan on having a ton of crazy fun running hard and feeling so accomplished, as well as being incredibly tired by the end of the race. But also plan on referring to this list of must-haves so you and your team can be totally successful.

To Wear

For Men and Women-

RoadRunner Sports– Want to find all of your favorites in one spot and for great prices? We love road runner sports. We take 3 pairs of running clothes and underwear as well as something comfy to wear in  between runs.

For women-

Athleta– We love the variety, support, style, comfort and breathability of Athleta. Not only are they cute, but they fit so well and

PowerSox- With so much running you definitely want the best socks out there and there’s literally only one kind that we wear. PowerSox are really comfortable, support your foot well and most important help to keep your foot cool, and dry. We wore the coolmax, and powerlites in case you need a suggestion. 😉 Best dang socks ever. And it’s possible that we only wear running socks now because we love them that much. Don’t tease.

What to Eat

Boxtera- Have you heard about Boxtera? They are pictured above and they pretty much rocked our world during the run. Finally, healthier snacks that taste good and have a wide variety without you having to do anything. We love that we don’t have to survive off of power or protein bars and gels but we can actually snack on a bunch of tasty snacks. Boxtera arrives at your house too so you don’t even have to go to the store. You just sign up, and let the goodness surprise you. We had fun snacks like olives, peanut butter puffs (which were delicious), pirates booty, fruit leathers etc. Seriously awesome stuff and even if you aren’t running it’s a great way to provide healthy snacks for your family. Plus, it’s always kind of fun to see what’s in the package every time it arrives!

Real Food- Stop and get at least one meal. It will boost your energy to get out of the van and eat something real. Even if it’s just a sandwich shop.

Water- Bring plenty of cold water and stay hydrated.


The Stick- Next year we are determined to bring one of these with us to help relieve sore and tight muscles.

Travel Pillow- We also have decided that a travel pillow is a must. Sitting in a car for hours is not very comfortable especially when you’re tired. A travel pillow is a must. This Tempur Pedic one looks awesome.

Noise Cancelling Ear Plugs- Oh my gosh it gets noisy. Everyone is yelling and cheering and you are so beat you just want to close your eyes for a bit. These Hearos are perfect.

Headlamps- You will definitely need a good headlamp for night running, and trust me there are some pretty low quality ones that will waste your time and money so we recommend Petzl. It’s the only headlamp we use. We love that the TIKKA XP 2 headlamp “integrates two light sources as well as a Wide Angle lens with a simple open-close feature, allowing the user to choose between a long distance focused beam and flood beam proximity lighting. In economic mode, it can reach a burn-time of 190 hours.”

Sunscreen- Obviously you can pick your favorite, but sunscreen is a must.

Chapstick- And since we are on the subject let’s throw in chapstick too because running in the dry heat makes your lips so dry and chapped.

Wet Wipes or Cleansing Wipes- If you don’t find a shower to use, well please do us all a favor, especially your van mates and wipe down with some towelettes. For real.

First Aid kit including wraps and moleskin- Blisters, sun burns, and cuts to happen. This year Cade got killer blisters from a bunch of gravel getting into his shoe, moleskin was a must.

We hope to see you all out there next year and we would love to hear if you have any must haves!

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  • What an accomplishment. I’d make it 20 feet and fall over. I have several friends who do it every year and I am always in awe of strong willed peeps like you. Congrats!

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  • we have a ragnar race that my friends do down to the Florida Keys! I’m tempted to participate one year 🙂 Great resource post!

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  • I think the idea of running a relay is great. I need to get my friends together and plan something like this.

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