Alright, lunch time is the worst, and we all know that. What’s a healthy lunch idea? We’ve got a few for our what to eat for lunch post to help you out!

So you think you love club sandwiches, do you? You don't know good until you've had the BEST Triple Decker Club Sandwich.

Every day it comes back. Every. Single. Day.

I don’t love trying to figure out what to eat for lunch but even more than that, I hate trying to figure out a HEALTHY  idea for lunch that is going to help me to not gain weight, stay in shape and have enough energy to help kids with science projects, reading assignments, clean house, get work done, and oh my goodness, I’m already tired!

What to Eat for Lunch

Alright, let’s do this thing! Who has asked themselves what to eat for lunch every day and every day felt less and less inspired? I have too, but I’ve been rocking lunch time lately and I’m going to help you know what to eat for lunch too!

Leftovers Again?!

One of my favorite things to eat for lunch is actually leftovers. I know, I’ve never been a huge fan of leftovers but with three kids in three totally different stages of life, well it’s just way easier. But the thing is, I try really, really hard to be mindful of the leftovers.

I specifically make a bigger batch of healthy dinner recipes so that I’ll have leftovers but smaller batches of the unhealthy dinners so I’m not eating those as leftovers.

Looking for healthy dinner ideas that are quick and easy and actually taste good? We are loving this healthy sausage kale quinoa skillet lately.

Healthy Sausage Kale Quinoa Skillet is one of my favorites to eat throughout the week and I can add in any new veggies, cheese, even scramble in eggs!

Soups are easy as well, like our Cauliflower Chowder.

Oh, and let’s not forget that any time I cook meat or veggies I make extra to turn into salads, or bowls.

If it’s not leftovers, I love to eat anything with a variety.

I try to avoid carbs after breakfast because I can’t stop, but because we don’t believe in cutting out full food groups unless you have to, I still make sure that carbs get hit in the am for breakfast or a healthier way at another meal.

Turkey is one of my go-to lunch ingredients. You can do so much with turkey!

Peppered Turkey pinwheels

Tortilla Pinwheels

Turkey wraps using lettuce and any ingredients you’d normally put on a sandwich.

a blue plate with a rice cake loaded with hummus, lettuce, turkey, tomato and avocado!

Did you Know Chewing Food Can Help You Eat Better?

One of my real favorites when asking what to eat for lunch is using a brown rice cake in order to get in that crunch. You see, our bodies respond better to chewing so if you’re drinking all of your calories like with meal replacement shakes, you’ll often find yourself wanting things more than ever. That’s because your body likes to chew and feel different textures.

Did you know that while I was in the hospital with Hyperemesis Gravidarum, the nurses really encouraged me to get back to eating food instead of getting it through tubes as soon as I could as it would actually help me to mentally move forward which would help my body respond better and heal as well?

There’s clearly a connection with mixing things up, chewing our food and eating new tastes and textures. So of course that would help you to feel better mentally as well when you’re trying to eat better and know what to eat for lunch.

I’ll put hummus (any flavor) on a rice cake, turkey, cheese and veggies, often with slices of avocado on top and a sprinkle of olive oil and salt and pepper and bam, that’s one good looking lunch!

Slice up things at the beginning of the week and meal prep is a cinch too!

Eggs are Quick, Easy, and Great for Protein!

I also love whipping up eggs.

Eggs can have anything like salsa, cheese, etc thrown in or make it into an egg white pizza!

Eggs in a Nest are easy as well, plus they are freezable so it’s great for the kids at breakfast or me at lunch.

This Asparagus Avocado and Egg Salad is great and you can prep the eggs, bacon and dressing ahead of time!

I also look to my favorite breakfast ideas like in our post on what to eat for breakfast to not gain weight, and I’ll make something from that category since I love breakfast.

One of my final tips is to cook up some quinoa, roast sweet potatoes or other veggies and store them in a container in the fridge. At lunch you can throw in whatever ingredients you’ve got for a killer power bowl, like:

Honey Mustard Chicken with Spinach and Artichoke Rice Bowls

Easy Grilled Steak Burrito Bowls

Teriyaki Veggie Bowls